Checking in on my 2019 goals

Checking in on my 2019 goals
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Oh my lord, it’s July. HOW HAS THIS HAPPENED?! I swear to God it was Christmas approximately five minutes ago and now it’s like BAM one day heatwave and there are topless white men everywhere you look.

But moving swiftly on from people who are lacking some factor 50 in their lives (burnt shoulders are not sexy), it’s halfway through the year which means it’s time to reassess where I’m at with my goals for 2019. I always find that writing down what I want to achieve makes me a little more accountable for it – let’s face it, there’s no point writing resolutions in a notebook and not opening it again for another year. Here are my goals and how I’m getting along with them.

Do more fun stuff
This is on the list every single year as I honestly think that if you’re not making a conscious effort, weeks and months can go by without really breaking a routine and it’s so easy to get stuck in a rut created by your own habits and comfort zones. So far, I’d say that I’ve done a lot this year and it’s been rare that I’ve had a quiet weekend. Though my fun stuff is very low key – we’re talking a trip to Tropical World rather than packing my bags and exploring a rainforest or whatever – I’ve enjoyed it. It’s been actual quality time. I’ve been down to London to see friends, had days out, nights out, nights in, been to concerts (seeing The Spice Girls was a life highlight) and I’ve spent time with some of my favourite humans. For the next half of the year, I already have plans for a comedy show, trips down south, a wedding and afternoon tea (hopefully on several occasions). As far as doing more fun stuff goes, I’m all over it.

Reduce my carbon footprint
This has been somewhat hit and miss as whilst I’m using my car more regularly, I’ve also switched to a green energy provider (Bulb). I’m also a lot more conscious of my use of single use plastics, have invested in reusable sandwich wraps and bags for loose veg in the supermarket. I have a long way to go in terms of my energy consumption but due to being skint, at least I won’t be on a plane any time this year?!

Get to my target at Slimming World
LOL. I've only just stopped needing to use Google maps for the four minute drive to my gym and I thought I'd achieved something when I actually learned my pincode to get in recently. I’m starting to get back into eating a bit better but I’m absolutely not in the right headspace to track every single thing that goes in my mouth (lol). I’ve started going back to the gym, making some better decisions around food but yeah, not doing so great at this one.

Improve my confidence
This one has been a big tick so far this year as I’ve started to really enjoy clothes shopping (sorry to my bank account). I follow a lot more people on social media who dress well but also realistically for their shape (ie, curvy gals who look nice, don’t necessarily try and look smaller at every opportunity but also aren’t knocking about in crop tops as sadly, that is not my vibe) – seeing this kind of content is actually influential in a positive way. I’ve also changed my working environment significantly since the start of this year and the lack of expectation means less judgement too, which has been a positive.

Read more books
Whilst I didn’t set myself a challenge in terms of the number of books I wanted to read this year, I’ve definitely been reading a lot more, as well as listening to more audio books and podcasts. My issue with reading is that I love it so much that I get obsessed and the books I have read, have been finished within 48 hours! I have a couple of new releases on pre-order from my favourite authors and I have a few on my to be read shelf that I’m really looking forward to getting stuck into as well. Reading brings me so much joy and it’s something that I want to make even more time for.

Get a mortgage
Completed it mate (literally). I completed at the end of February when I successfully bought out my sister’s half of the flat we owned together. I’m now the sole owner of my flat and I spent a few months doing it up so it now feels finished. As I’ve got the really big adulty goal out of the way, I’m now focused on saving for other big purchases which I find super exciting.

2019 has been an absolute rollercoaster to date and whilst things are very up and down at the moment, the reality is that lows aren’t as low, yet the highs are higher than they were six months ago. Here’s to the next six months maybe evening out a tad but being just as much fun!

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  1. Goals are all good and well, but you just don't know what curve balls life will throw at you.
    Whatever the curves, whatever the goals, you are smashing it lady.
    A true gal is to just be happy. :)