The throwback evening of dreams: Spice World 2019

Spice Girls Tour 2019
spice girls tour Manchester 2019

Nostalgia is a beautiful thing and when the Spice Girls announced a reunion tour I just knew I had to get tickets. I mean, I grew up with their albums on cassette tapes and wishing that I was blonde so that I could be baby spice. I still remember being a little kid on holiday in London with my family and my dad buying my sister and I Union Jack mini dresses which we refused to take off and apparently we got a lot of funny looks on the underground. (How rude).

My mum decided to make my sister and I’s childhood dreams come true by taking us to the concert (yay, thanks mum!). And y’know, my mum is a great person to go to a gig with as she’s more than happy to get a matching t shirt on with her 27 and 28 year old daughters and then drive us home afterwards.

The concert was at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester which is organised like a dream, and is there anything better than being a full to bursting tram with a load of women singing Spice Girls songs at the top of their lungs? Absolutely not.

I think what I really loved about the concert is that it was the long-awaited throwback. We all grew up listening to the same pop music as kids and whilst Steps never quite made it off the pop scene and everyone’s seen at least a few members of S Club 7 doing the nightclub circuit (S Club 2 doing the opening night for Popworld in York was one to remember), nobody ever thought a Spice Girls reunion would happen. But it did. So many people were dressed up as the Spice Girls or wearing the same £11 tshirts off eBay that me, Mum and Charlotte were and everyone just went all out. It was a big deal.

It wasn’t a cheap night, with seated tickets in the top tier where we were costing £70 each but with that level of production, it seemed worth it. It was the fireworks, the dancers, the synchronised flashing wristbands we were given on the way in, it was all of that which made it an experience to remember. But it seemed so tastefully done. The outfits were the grown up versions of the ones we knew and loved as kids and there was a massive focus on inclusivity regardless of gender, race, religion or sexuality.

Hearing the songs which were such a massive part of my childhood was emosh. I hadn’t expected quite that level of nostalgia and in parts it had me on the brink of tears (especially when I was sat next to my mum singing along to Mama). Oh and when a couple got engaged on the stage and seeing a stadium go freaking wild was next level feels.

This week I’ve seen so many people I know posting about seeing the Spice Girls as they did several nights in Manchester and it’s honestly made so many people so happy. In a world where shit is going down left, right and centre, Spice World was like another world just for one evening. And I know you can say that about any concert (mainly as you can get absolutely zero signal in that stadium), but there was something special. Something about a band getting back together after 20 years and immediately selling out a stadium tour that saw people in their 20s and 30s getting together in groups of 5, putting bunches in their hair and drawing barbed wire tattoos on their arms with a sharpie. Not a lot of bands can say they can make that happen.

I’m so glad I got to see the Spice Girls live as it really was a night I’ll never forget and it’s something to tick off on my bucketlist.

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  1. I still utterly and sickly jealous of you and what feels like 90% of people on my Facebook who got to go! The Spice Girls were such a big part of my music life. Like you I had the cassettes, posters. I still remember biking round to our local shop for the stickers for my sticker book and to swap with friend sat school on Mondays! Also weekly visits to Barratts shoe shop in town to try on the newest pair of wedge trainers! I had a white pair, but you know, you needed
    It looks like such an amazing experience and such a fun night! :)