My favourite plus size summer fashion buys

Plus size summer buys
As someone who spends literally 12 months of the year claiming that Autumn/Winter is a superior time of the year to Spring/Summer, you might be surprised to hear that I’m getting absolutely on board with summer fashion this year. I don’t know if it’s just that the shapes are working for me or that I’m starting to dress myself with the clothes I love whilst giving far fewer fucks about the opinions of others or what. But I’m shopping a lot and my bank balance has taken a beating to kit me out for the summer months.

It’s no secret that I’m a curvy gal and summer clothes in the plus size ranges are usually a bold statement of ‘curvy huns can wear ANYTHING, here are three million impractical crop tops and short shorts that will absolutely give you chub rub’ or the opposite end of the spectrum with ‘let’s give you a sleeve to the elbow to cover your bingo wings but don’t worry, we’ll cut out the shoulder to give you some summer sex appeal’.


But this summer, I’ve found summer buys that I actually like. They’re clothes that are summery and lovely and beer garden ready without showing an uncomfortable amount of skin. Yes, I know, anyone of any size should be able to bare as much flesh as they like without judgement but have you seen how pale I am? Lobster isn’t a good look for anyone and this gal would rather not have her shoulders peeling off.

Here are my favourite dresses, tops, tights (bare legs are not my vibe when I’m shit at fake tanning and glowing white), shoes and accessories.

plus size summer fashion infographic

The yellow and blue maxi dresses
I saw Louise Pentland wearing the yellow maxi dress and when I realised it’s from the curve range in New Look, I ordered it within approximately 3 minutes (it was on offer, OK?). I first wore this out for lunch with some of my friends, but I have every intention of wearing it to a family wedding this summer too. I paired it with some tan pumps that ripped my feet to shreds so I’m going to be keeping an eye out for an alternative pair. After having found the confidence to wear the yellow dress, I ordered the blue one which is a similar shape at the top but with a full pleated skirt. Again, it’s out of my comfort zone, but I love it and will most likely wear it to the races in the summer.

This is a Simply Be number that I fell in love with as I’m obsessed with the colour. I sized up as I wanted it a little looser around my arms, and then brought it in at the waist with a belt. It’s really light and I just rolled my sleeves up when I wore it out on a night out. It’s the kind of dress that works dressed up as well as dressed down which I love.

Another Simple Be purchase! I bought these to wear to an event in London (I was working at the Blogosphere Awards), and they’re such a soft suede that they didn’t rub my feet at all even when I wore them for the first time that night. They’re definitely going to be a style staple for me and I want to get them in the tan colour too.

This was another New Look buy that I also paired with a belt around my waist. It’s fairly heavy fabric but it’s soft to the touch and I like that it hits the knee, making it a perfect day dress. I wore it with a pair of Vans but I’d definitely wear it with black tights and boots in the winter too.

I know this looks pretty Autumnal as it’s black and long sleeved but an oversized blouse in a cool to the touch fabric is the perfect office attire in the summer. It’s thick enough fabric to not need a vest under it but still light and floaty. ASOS Curve has quite a few of these styles (and I own a few of them already) and I’d really recommend them.

Getting thicker nude tights can be a ballache and I prefer my tights to be a little more supportive than your standard nude tights, as like a lot of women I have cellulite on my thighs. These tights from Yours Clothing really smooth your legs out and they actually stay up which is pretty much unheard of! At £11 a pair, they’re not the cheapest but they’re high quality, don’t snag and they fit so well. I got size 1 which is 18-20 and they fitted perfectly – I’ll definitely be picking up a few more pairs.

Am I taking a one way trip back to the 90s? Apparently so. I’m really getting on board with the hairband trend as it jazzes up a boring hair day and cute hairslides really add to an updo – I put them in the front of my hair when I do a side parting and a ponytail. Does it feel a bit like I’m a little girl getting ready for a birthday party? Yep. And I’m not made about it.

So they’re my current summer faves, what do you think? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. I don't think I've seen you in a long length dress... but I am here for it!!!
    That blouse is especially you, you need that and the headband is a must. :)