A little life catch up

A little life catch up
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It’s been a while since I’ve written a post purely for the sake of catching up! Honestly, this is more for me than it is for anyone else, I just like having posts I can look back on as a point of reference as it reinforces my blog as a bit of a diary as well as somewhere to go for reviews of restaurants and tales of online dating disasters. But anyway, enough rambling, here’s what’s been going on and a few of my favourite things right now.

My new job
This is a biggie! I’m now part of the commuter club as I’m no longer working in Leeds city centre for an agency, I’m now working in Harrogate for Spirit of Harrogate. (As always, all views are my own, not representative of my employer etc etc etc). It’s been a whirlwind first four weeks whilst I’ve been finding my feet, but I’m absolutely loving it. So far I’ve distilled my own blend of gin as part of the Master Distiller experience (yep, that was part of my induction), been to visit the site where the products are bottled and even attended the Blogosphere Awards where I met Zoella. I don’t want to speak to soon and jinx anything but *whispers* I’m really, really happy with my career move and a change of working scenery was definitely needed.

Quality friend and family time
I always have ‘do more fun stuff’ as a new year’s resolution, and I feel like I’ve been doing just that recently. I’ve seen a lot of my gals and those I haven’t seen, I’ve spoken to a lot. In the last month or so I’ve done a craft beer tour of Leeds, visited Tropical World (the sweatiest place on earth), been for afternoon tea, went ‘out’ out, ate all you can eat Japanese food, saw Anne Marie and the Spice Girls and took a little trip to the cinema to see Aladdin. Needless to say, as I write this on a slow Sunday night, it’s been a very busy time recently.

Summer fashion
I hit a pretty significant low point in my self esteem over the last year or so – weight gain and being surrounded by a lot of judgment did me zero favours – but I’m starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel there. It was the astounding realisation that even if I don’t love the shape and size of my body, it still deserves to be dressed nicely that has made me take far more pride in my outfits, even if that means a significant dent in my bank balance. I’ve found myself wearing clothes with short sleeves, that are colourful and even dresses during the daytime, which if you know me IRL, you’ll know that it’s a big deal to me.

Starting a savings plan
Yes it’s in excel and yes, it’s even filled with formulae. Taking control of my finances is good for my mental health and helps me feel like my brain is in check, so having a little plan of what I’m saving for was a natural next step. I have saving pots for Christmas presents, a deposit on a new car, any flat related emergencies and I’m even starting a fund for a holiday to celebrate my 30th (I’m only 27 but plan on doing something pretty damn lavish). A monthly budget is a helping hand when it comes to keeping my ASOS habit in check but means I can achieve the big stuff too.

Having a marginally better relationship with food
I’m not in a headspace where I want to force myself to be super healthy all the time, so right now, my focus is on eating things I enjoy in moderation. With my new job being based on an industrial park rather than in a city centre, I’ve had to get organised with my breakfasts and lunches as otherwise I’ll be spending my entire salary in the nearby Marks and Spencer food hall (not against this tbf). By taking the pressure off, I’ve found myself still eating a fair bit of fruit and veg, not quite as much pizza, still way too much lasagne (the M&S one is just SO GOOD) and when I weighed myself for the first time in a couple of months, I’d lost 4lbs. I’ve even been to the gym a grand total of twice since I rejoined in April.

Right now life is going pretty swimmingly and I’m a happy egg, so I’m just keeping my fingers and toes crossed that it continues! How are things going for you? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Lizi, life sounds fabulous, just like you.
    It is what you make it. :)