Sash windows for a period home*

Sash windows for a period home
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One of my biggest fears when I look at traditional sash windows is the possibility they could be removed and replaced with ugly uPVC. In fact, this is exactly what happened to the house I grew up in - when we moved, the person who bought it replaced the windows with white plastic that just didn't seem to suit the house which was 80+ years old. The fact is traditional sliding sash windows just aren’t energy efficient and we live in a modern environment whereby we expect the most thermally and acoustically efficient standards for our properties so what can be done to bridge the gap or modern convenient and original period charm?

Sash windows can be draught proofed

It might surprise you to learn that “many sash windows can be draught proofed and insulated by reputable sash window companies for around £250-£350 per window” according to sash window specialist Christopher Gould at London Sash Window Repairs Ltd. He goes on to say “sash windows don’t need to be thrown away, you can get good thermal efficiency from a single glazed sash window and the key is that they are well draught proof”. This is well backed up by the Energy Savings Trust who are quite clear that draught proofing windows can save hundreds of pounds on your annual heating bill.

So there you go, that’s one solution that solves the issue of heat but unfortunately it won’t do too much for noise, 4mm glass is thin and not the best for stopping noise pollution so the next alternative is to double glaze your original sash windows.

Double glazing original sash windows

You might be surprised to learn that you can double glaze original sash windows and still keep most of the period charm through an amazing breakthrough in technology called Pilkington Spacia. The glass is designed to look single glazed but have incredible acoustic properties (not to mention that it has a massively positive effect on heating too).

Without getting overly technical it’s a double glazed unit without the edge and just a 0.5mm air gap. You might think how can such a small gap be so efficient but it’s clear on the fact sheet I’ve linked to that the RW dB level is considerably reduced when compared to thicker or standard glazing.

This amazing glazing technology even gives listed building owners a chance

Upgrading any aspect of a listed building is always a complete nightmare and a total challenge, but this new glazing gives a genuine option for upgrade without any effect to the appearance of the property at all.

So there’s hope for us that want to own a period property but do not wish to be stuck in the Victorian era when it comes to our energy efficiency but one thing we haven’t considered is repair.

Sash windows repair

After speaking with Christopher at London Sash Window Repairs Ltd he also mentioned to me that ‘sash windows can be repaired and restored from any condition. It just boils down to what is economically sensible to do, and with that said, sometimes conservation officers would expect the owners to repair even when not economically viable, so there’s a solution for any condition of sash window out there’. That means we won’t have to worry about losing our sash windows in a period home anytime soon!

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