Nights in with M&S*

Marks and Spencer food
Nights in are absolutely the new night out as far as I’m concerned. Now that I’m firmly in the young professional category, I tend to do nights out during the week, leaving my weekends free to do as I please. And as you can probably imagine with the peak grandma that I am, that involves nights in over nights out ANY day. But more specifically, Saturday as a Sunday night out doesn’t even enter my radar (nobody is that wild, right?).

Marks and Spencer recently gifted me a whole load of items to try as they know I love a good night in and this year, they’re sponsoring Britain’s Got Talent. Each week, they have a new deal which is their dine in for £10 offer and it’s always something that’s perfect to enjoy on a Saturday night.

I’m already pretty familiar with a lot of M&S’ ranges as y’know, their veggie gyoza are life and I’m also a massive fan of their sushi sandwich too. But that’s by the by as I tried a whole load of their meals from their Chinese range.

I can honestly, hand on heart say that they’re better than a takeaway. I’m not massively familiar with the takeaways of Leeds anyway and if I can get the equivalent of two meals for a tenner from M&S over playing takeaway roulette on JustEat, it’s just the logical thing to do.

Of all the meals I tried, my favourites were the beef in a black bean sauce with egg fried rice, their side dish of prawn toast and also their stir fry deal. The stir fry deal included beef, noodles, rainbow vegetables and a stir in sauce. No joke, the stir fry took me less than 10 minutes to make so it’s the perfect dinner to pick up and cook it straight away when you’re starving/in a rush to get dinner sorted on a night.

marks and spencer stir fry

marks and spencer stir fry

marks and spencer beef in black bean

When it comes to desserts, the M&S Best Ever Trifle is an absolute game changer. I love trifle but I’m not keen on jelly (don’t @ me, it’s the weird texture and I don’t like jam either), but the M&S trifle has compote instead of jelly. So for me, that is the absolute dream! It’s really rich and the Madagascan vanilla custard really compliments the sweetness of the strawberry and raspberry compote. Honestly, it’s heaven in a dish and the perfect hot weather dessert.

marks and spencer best ever trifle

marks and spencer best ever trifle

No night in is complete without a drink or two (I mean, why not on a weekend?) and I’m absolutely on board with a gin in a tin. I don’t really drink much at home and as gin is my favourite spirit, I end up having bottles of tonic going flat for the sake of one or two drinks. As I’m not into waste, I’d rather buy a couple of gin and tonics in cans and know that they’re sat in my fridge ready and waiting. If you’re not feeling the G&T vibe, I’d also absolutely recommend the bramble cocktail that M&S does – I’ve had those on many a train journey back from London.

marks and spencer gin and tonic

Overall, I’m a continued big fan of M&S food and will absolutely be heading back for every night in that I have (not that this  is any change from usual). What’s your favourite meal from M&S? Let me know in the comments.

*This post contains gifted items but all thoughts and opinions are, as always, my own

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