Getting outdoors in the summer*

Getting outdoors in the summer
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Something I really miss when living in a flat is not having my own garden or balcony. Every time the sun is out, I find myself desperate to get outdoors and enjoy it whilst it lasts as I know that it won’t be around for long. If you’re planning on getting outdoors (or if you’re like me and planning on sitting in a friend’s garden all summer) here are a few things you can do.

Actually do some gardening
Yeah, I know, it’s not the most fun activity but getting your garden sorted early doors means that you can spend the whole summer enjoying it. Make the most of the May bank holidays and do some weeding, cut the grass and tidy up all the rubbish that ends up accumulating throughout the year.

Set up a sunny reading spot
There’s something so much better about reading outdoors, am I right? Get your sunnies on, rub in some suncream and set aside an afternoon to get your nose well and truly into a book. I’m all about women’s fiction and can confirm that The Greek Escape by Karen Swan is filled with summer scenes that will make you want to go on holiday. If, like me, you wear glasses, buying some cheap prescription sunnies is a must – I picked up two pairs for a total of £30 from shopping around online, they don’t have to be expensive.

Get yourself a paddling pool
Think they’re for kids? Think again. You know what paddling pools are good for? Keeping your feet cool and/or filling it with ice and bottles of beer or cans of pop. Kids might love splashing around but your priorities really need to be staying hydrated and nobody wants to have to keep going back inside to the fridge when you need a drink.

Have a (basic) BBQ
Believe it or not, a BBQ doesn’t have to be a massive occasion. If it’s a sunny Friday night, why not have a BBQ for two? There’s no reason why not! Keep it spontaneous, take it back to basics and have meat, salad and sides al fresco.

Host a picnic
Again, it’s so basic and yet can you even remember the last time you rounded up your mates for a picnic? I love picnic food, I love my friends, what could be a better combination? Get everyone to contribute something and have a bit of an outdoor fuddle.

Spend a night stargazing
If you want a bit of a distraction from the damage we’re doing to our own planet, spend the night looking at others (and some stars, too). Bring out your inner astronomy nerd and look up constellations in the night sky. Again, sounds like a cliché but why the hell not? Pick a clear night and see what you can spot.

Have an outdoor movie night
Grab a projector and pin a white sheet to your garden fence, boom, outdoor cinema. Get comfy, grab some snacks and enjoy your favourite film (just invite your neighbours or warn them about the noise as by the time it’s dark, it might be pretty late on).

So, they’re my suggestions for how you use your garden this summer, what do you have in mind? Will you be sunbathing, playing outdoor games or cooking up a storm on the BBQ? Let me know in the comments.

*This post is sponsored but all thoughts, opinions and enthusiasm for picnics are my own

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  1. I think it's sometimes easy to take your garden to granted. The fact that you have many and so many people don't.
    I love it when the lighter nights come round. We love spending time in the garden and are totally British in getting the bbq out at the sign of sun and warmth!
    We don't have much of a garden as in plant beds etc, but we do have some planters, that act more as decoration than for their purpose, so I'd really like to get some plants in them this Summer and maybe some hanging baskets. :)