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Nowadays every person and their cat has some kind of dietary requirement, right? Whether it’s a lifestyle choice, allergy, intolerance or simply a preference, it can make buying foodie gifts somewhat challenging. I love buying presents for people which are really personal and preferably supporting smaller businesses but sometimes the highstreet just doesn’t quite cut it.

Yumbles is an online retailer who have very kindly gifted me a couple of products which they stock and I’m so glad they got in touch with me about this collaboration as it’s going to make my life a lot easier! Their range is absolutely insane, with products to cater for specific dietary requirements in abundance (as well as products which contain all the fun stuff like gluten too).

They pride themselves on stocking small batch independent food and drink producers and browsing their website is like being in an online gourmet farm shop. You know the type of farm shop that is really an artisan deli and serves the most delicious cake in the cafĂ©? It’s like that, but on your laptop. They have over 15,000 products from over 2,500 companies which means they cover quite literally all bases whether you’re looking to buy your snacks, a gift or order in something special for an occasion.

When Yumbles asked me to pick a couple of products to try, I naturally went straight to the gin section (lol) and chose the Stratford Gin from the Shakespeare Distillery and Kirsty’s Gin from the Arbikie Distillery. There are so many gin gifts from Yumbles to choose from, I must admit, I struggled to pick just two!

The Stratford Gin is a London dry style gin and from a family owned business. The botanicals include lemon balm, rose, rosemary and English lovage making it a floral gin balanced with herbal sweetness. As it’s made in smaller batches, it’s made using the single shot method which means all of the botanicals are added at once rather than making a concentrate and blending it down to the desired flavour. A gin with this kind of floral note should be paired with a high quality tonic (like Fevertree Mediterranean) and garnished with cucumber or grapefruit.

Kirsty’s Gin is from the Arbikie Distillery and is named as such because it was made by Kirsty Black, their master distiller. They use home grown botanicals including kelp, carline thistle & blaeberry, as the distillery is located on the east coast of Scotland and they distill the gin and bottle it all on their estate. Their suggested serve is with premium tonic and a garnish of blueberries and a lemon twist. The gin is vegan and gluten free making it a great gift option for anyone who has an allergy too – it’s amazing how many alcohol products contain allergens.

I’ve tried both of the gins and I really enjoyed them both – they’re definitely different but they’re definitely going to be staples in my alcohol cupboard (I dream of the day where I have enough space for a bar cart!).

Overall, I’m definitely impressed by Yumbles as the range they have is extensive. Coming from a family with more than a few gluten intolerances, it’s made me a lot more conscious of the gifts I’m giving and as an absolute foodie myself, I’m keen to give their other ranges a go, both for myself and as gifts. But for now, I’ll be enjoying a little G&T!

Have you ever bought anything from Yumbles? Let me know in the comments!

*This post contains gifted items but all thoughts, opinions and love of gin is my own

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