Resetting my mindset with Sophie Cliff

Resetting my mindset with Sophie Cliff

When your world is hectic and your brain feels like it has so many tabs open that it might just give up and crash, there comes a point where you need to take more than just a step back. Maybe a leap back. A leap back so far that you’re looking at your life with enough perspective to say ‘what the fuck hun, why is that petty little worry even entering your priority list’, or more importantly ‘you’re pushing the things to the side that you give the biggest shit about, would you care to explain’.

Know what I mean?

In my professional world, it’s all about achieving KPIs and the best for my clients, taking the step back to view the bigger picture and work out what they really need to be aiming for. So maybe it’s about time I did that in my personal world too.

Something I want to do more of in 2019 is prioritising. Prioritising my time, my happiness, my goals and where my energy is placed, but nearly three months in, I was left feeling like the new year new me vibes had worn off and I needed some direction. Which is why I booked onto a Mindset Masterclass with the ultimate blogger gal, Sophie Cliff.

I’ve been reading Sophie’s blog for about three years now and a lot of what she says really resonates with me. Think less ‘take over the world in approximately 60 seconds’ and more ‘get shit done but enjoy the ride at the same time’. It’s content which promotes finding your priorities, celebrating the little victories and enjoying the normal as well as the big stuff. And let’s face it, if you’re not enjoying the normal, you’re going to be miserable as sin.

I don’t want to give away everything Sophie covered in her masterclass (as y’know, spoiler alert), but I wanted to share a few key things that really stood out to me.

If you don’t think about what you want to change and how to change it, nothing will change
It’s as simple as that. It sounds really basic but when did you last consciously reassess where you’re at? When did you last write a list of the important things in your life, how you feel about them, how you actually want to feel about them, and the changes you need to make to achieve that? This kind of exercise is something that you’re unlikely to do unprompted but it’s so important to bring it into your conscious mindset as otherwise, life will plateau and then slip into a rut. Making time to think about the end goal and how you’re going to get there means change can happen.

When you make the end goal a feeling, you can then work out how to get there
If your end goal is a ‘thing’ like a promotion or a savings target, that comes with a sense of ‘so what’ once you get there. You work so hard but the novelty wears off pretty damn fast. Make your goal a feeling like ‘happy’, ‘calm’ or ‘content’, then you can work backwards to find out how to get there and when you do, that feeling will last a lifetime.

Nobody is put on this Earth to make you happy, you need to do it yourself
Your family, friends and partner can love you to the moon and back but the reality is, your happiness is your priority and shouldn’t be dependent on someone else. You need to make you happy. If other people around you make you happier, great, but you need to prioritise your own happiness – it’s not their job, it’s yours.

I really enjoyed Sophie’s masterclass and I’ve come away with a practical plan to achieve contentment in different areas of my life. If you’re feeling a bit lost, I’d definitely recommend touching base with her as she offers all sorts of coaching packages – I can guarantee she’ll give you the guidance that you may not even realise that you need.


  1. Great post/review Lizi.
    I was sad to have not been able to make the course, it sounded like something I definitely could have benefitted from.
    Look forward to seeing how your implementing your plan down the line. :)


  2. This sounds like such a great course, I think I'd really benefit from this too.