My tips for a stress free house move*

My tips for a stress free house move
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Moving house can be an absolute ballache and I think anyone can tell you that for free. Nobody moves without a reason, whether it’s relocating, the end of a tenancy or buying a home, by the time you’ve got through the stressful bit of actually finding somewhere to move to, aligned your diary and everything else, the physical move is next on the list. Having done a few moves over the last few years (I moved in and out of three rounds of student halls at university, back home to York, to a totally new house in York, and then over to Leeds), I wanted to share my tips for making that process as stress free as possible.

Have an overlap
A lot of people end up literally with a day to move everything out, particularly if you’re completing on a house purchase, but having an overlap if you can so that you’re less rushed is definitely handy. When I moved to Leeds, I did it in two trips – I signed for my flat in mid August, came over to move over the big stuff, then two weeks later moved across over the bank holiday weekend. It meant that I didn’t feel stressed, especially as you never know 100% what the condition of a rental property will be when you get the keys.

Factor in time to clean
If you’re starting from scratch, you may as well move into a clean home, especially if the property has been empty for a couple of weeks. Get in there with your Zoflora and your Minky, open all the windows and wipe down all of the surfaces before moving everything in. Again, if you have that overlap period, it’s the opportunity to check everything is in order, switch on the fridge and boiler so that on your official move in date, you can get going.

Set up the internet in advance
Do not wait! If you’re responsible for sourcing an internet provider, getting your WiFi set up for as soon as you move in means that you won’t drain your data using Spotify as you’re unpacking and you can do the important things like Facetime your friends a tour of your new pad.

Consider removals
Removal companies are there to take away the stress of moving. When we were moving house in York, from my childhood home to my mum’s new house (I say new, she’s been there nearly 5 years), and honest to God it was a life saver. I honestly couldn’t recommend making this investment any more, especially if you’re moving as a family – we went all in with the team we used packing up literally everything, dismantling and putting our furniture back together and they were a dream. My mum, sister and I can get a little stressed shall we say when we’re together and over the whole moving weekend, we didn’t have any arguments as the bulk of the actual moving and unpacking was done for us. Removal costs vary depending on the size of your home, but it’s something I’ll be doing when I eventually move again.

Have a box of essentials to hand
Teabags, milk, mugs, kettle, teaspoons, biscuits, loo roll. Take it with you separately and make sure it’s the first thing you unpack so at the very least you can have a brew in your new home!

Be prepared to rearrange things
As you get settled into your new place, be prepared to move around your furniture and your things. Remember that nothing has a permanent home and try different things, whether you want to do your makeup in your bedroom, bathroom or sat on the floor in front of the mirror in the spare room, or if you’re not 100% where you can sit on the sofa to get the best view of the TV – it’s OK to try something new after you’ve moved in.

So, they’re my tips for moving into a new place – what do you think? Let me know in the comments.

*This post is sponsored by GetAMover but all thoughts and opinions are, as always, my own

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