Investing in energy efficiency*

Investing in energy efficiency
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In my new adventures into adulting, I’m starting to really consider the important things in life – mainly how I can reduce my energy bills. Living by yourself isn’t cheap! Who would have thought it, at the grand old age of 27, I’m spending my time researching how to be a little more green and how being green can help keep me in the black. Yes, it’s absolutely wild times in the Legge household right now. Here’s a few of the things I’ve been looking into.

Energy loss via windows
Living in a flat, I only have one ‘window’ as I have double doors that open to a Juliette balcony – if you’re not familiar, it’s like having balcony doors with a glass barrier rather than an actual balcony – so I get a lot of fresh air in my flat. The flipside of that is that it is pretty well insulated as it only has one external facing wall and I benefit from being on the fifth floor and the fact that heat rises. Whilst I rarely need to put my heating on in winter, it can get seriously hot in summer! When I do eventually get a house that is a forever home, I’d be keen to invest in replacement windows so that they’re as energy efficient as possible – nobody wants to pay for heat to escape. Though the double glazing cost is an investment, when I’m looking for my forever home, it will be worth it in the long run. Likewise, it has a conservatory (which I would love), I’d definitely be looking to make sure it’s not letting heat out. I love the idea of spending cosy evenings in a conservatory with a book and glass of wine as the sun sets.

Energy efficient white goods
I currently run a little freezer in my flat which was very kindly donated to me by my aunty as I have literally one shelf of freezer space which isn’t enough to have both meal prep AND icecream and emergency hangover hash browns. (Priorities, I know). I’m looking at replacing this at some point for something a little more energy efficient, as whilst it’s been great, it’s fairly old and I think a newer and greener freezer would reduce my bills. I dream of having a giant fridge-freezer – I’d pick that over a super glam holiday any day, which is definitely a sign that I’m old before my time.

Looking at how often I wash my clothes
I’m one of those people that wears things once and has to wash it. I know, nobody call Greenpeace. I really need to just get over my weird obsession with smelling permanently like fresh laundry (I get told this on a fairly regular basis too), and accept that not everything I wear needs to be washing machine fresh. I seem to do endless washes and I know that’s a waste of water! If anyone has any recommendations for the best laundry detergents to use at 30 degrees, I’d really appreciate it!

Recycling and donating what I can
I know it’s not technically a way to be energy efficient, but it’s reducing waste so that counts, right? I did a whole load of decluttering at the start of this year and it made me realise how lazy I am – I could have listed things on eBay and depop then spent half my life in a queue at the Post Office but instead I put it all in the massive donation bins at the back of my local Morrisons. Life is too short for Post Office queues! I’ve also replaced a few things in my flat as part of my redecorating and whilst I may have moved out of home (officially) at 22, I’ve now starting using my room at my mum’s house for storage. My mum may not be happy about it (sorry mum!), but if it means not having to buy new in the future, that’s a good use of space, right?

So, that’s how I’m hoping to be more energy efficient both now and in the future – do you have any tips for me? Let me know in the comments!

*This post is sponsored by GetAWindow but all thoughts and opinions are, as always, my own

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