Why ‘new year, new me’ isn’t such a bad thing

Why ‘new year, new me’ isn’t such a bad thing
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2019 seems to have started with a massive divide between those setting out to make changes and others posting motivational quotes on Instagram about how the media brainwashes us into thinking we’re not good enough but YOU DO YOU, YOU ARE ENOUGH etc etc etc.

I get it, I honestly do. (Please read on before typing anything ALL CAPS about how I’m not supporting people...).

Do I think that the media needs to pipe the fuck down and stop trying to sell us (quite literally) shitty detox teas when we’re all feeling a bit bloated after a Christmas carbfest? Absolutely.

Do I think that viral articles about Kelly Brook (allegedly, as I’m basing this on a Daily Mail article, so let’s take it with enough of the white stuff to satisfy Salt Bae) dropping two dress sizes because her boyfriend called her a balloon need to be deleted off the internet? Absolutely. (I also think she should have dropped the boyfriend rather than the dress sizes but that’s a whole other conversation).

But let’s not forget that a new year, to a lot of people, is a fresh start. It’s closing a door on what may have been a crap year. It’s a point of re-evaluation of where you are, where you want to be and most importantly, who you want to be. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing.

If it’s for the right reasons, change isn’t a bad thing, whatever month of the year it’s in.

I don’t think anyone should be told that they’re not enough, ever. And if you’re around people who tell you that you’re not enough (like Kelly Brook’s boyfriend, he’s a great example of a prime dickhead), they’re toxic and they’re not good enough to be around you.

You are the only person who should be deciding if there’s room for self-improvement.

And if you feel like you want to improve and want to use a new year as a kickstart for that, go for your fucking life, and if the people around you aren’t supportive of that, ditch them. As long as the changes you make will impact both your mental and physical health in a positive way, do it.

There are a lot of people out there telling the world that they nobody should feel the need to change, and that is great if you’re happy and healthy and content with your life. But for those who aren’t quite there yet, just because you’ve read a quote about self-acceptance on the internet doesn’t mean it will automatically ingrain itself into your mind and all your problems will be solved. The chances are, if you’re going into 2019 wanting to be a ‘new you’, you were thinking about it a fair while before you drunkenly declared it as the clock struck 12 on new years eve.

In a world which right now, is a bit of a shitstorm, take the new year as an opportunity to do you. You. Do. You. Whether that’s taking the same contented you from 2018 into 2019, or if it’s an improved (and happier) you because something has changed. Both are OK, honestly.

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