Decluttering and buying less

Decluttering and buying less
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Whilst I wouldn’t count myself as a hoarder, I definitely own a fair bit of stuff. It’s not even because I have a guilt complex about getting rid of things, it’s simply because I buy a lot and don’t think to cull my possessions.

When January came around this year, through absolute fault of my own, I ended up on a very strict budget (LOL, I will not forget to cancel an annual renewal of my car insurance again as seeing that money evaporate out of my bank account on Christmas Eve was zero fun). But being more mindful of my money, as let’s be honest, paying bills and affording food comes first, meant that I had a month without shopping. A month where my ASOS account went untouched and I stopped picking up bits and pieces here and there.

And y’know what, I didn’t die. I didn’t feel like I was missing out, I didn’t feel like I was living without things I needed as to be honest, I’m in a very fortunate position to have the things I actually need. And whilst it’s nice to buy new things, I don’t feel entitled to them now. That’s really what it comes down to, the feeling of entitlement to have what you want, rather than thinking about whether you actually need something.

So whilst I wasn’t buying anything new, I also got rid of a lot of the old. Marie Kondo might be the new Supernanny for hoarding grown ups on Netflix but I’ll be honest, I didn’t sit around asking my clothes if they sparked joy and nor did I thank them as I threw things in the pile of things to get rid of. It’s just not my vibe – a strappy vest is never going to give me a warm fuzzy feeling when I pick it up but that doesn’t mean I don’t need it for layering in the arctic conditions of Leeds right now. But after seeing so much about clear outs online, it nudged me into that mindset and it made me tackle my clothes, shoes and bedding.

Dear Lord, I had so much shit I didn’t need. Who needs eight bedding sets? Absolutely not me, I’m now down to four. I got rid of skinny jeans that are faded or don’t fit (LOL six pairs, gone), dresses that have never been worn and high heels that I know for a fact I won’t wear again. I even said goodbye to the running clothes that have been lurking in a drawer – after I ran my last race, I promised myself I wouldn’t put myself through it again, and whilst I haven’t been running, I still had a shitload of vests and leggings that I didn’t need. Even the stuff that I’ve worn once and loved wearing at the time, why hang onto it if there isn’t another opportunity to wear it? Someone else will be able to wear that dress or top and feel amazing.

I kept the things I wear all the time and I got rid of the things that I haven’t worn in the last 12 months. My drawers now close and I can see what’s in my wardrobe.

And when I say got rid of, the majority of it was donated to the Salvation Army and Yorkshire Air Ambulance who will sell on or recycle whatever is put into the big bins at the back of my local Morrison’s. I still have a massive bag of shoes in my car boot waiting to be donated to one of my friends too. So nothing got put into an actual bin.

Decluttering feels good. Not buying things in the first place? That feels pretty good too. Being more mindful of how much I spend and my budget has made me feel far less worried about my finances and far more in control so it’s a win/win all round. You may have noticed that I haven’t mentioned selling things on Depop and Ebay in this post, and to be honest, it’s because I’m too lazy. But the upside is that two charities benefited from my CBA attitude to listing things online!

Have you decluttered recently? Let me know your tips in the comments.


  1. I love a good clear out!
    8 bedding sets though?! We have two! Haha!
    I generally donate my clothes to local charity shops.. I really wish eBay or Depop was the one, but it's just a nightmare..
    This last month has definitely tested me with money and buying habits also, but, so has having another But like you, I definitely feel its for the better. I want to put more money into going places than material things, as such, this year. :)


  2. I've gotten much better at not buying things over the last year or so - but mainly becasue Id have no where to put them! It's definitely the clearling-out aspect I struggle with!