Things students moving up North should know

Things Students Moving Up North Should Know
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For a Northerner, their town or city is the best place on earth. For anyone else, the North is a place full of quirks and benefits you’ll grow to know and love. Whether you’re a budding student set to choose your university, or you’re already enrolled in a Northern university, there are lots of things students moving from down South should prepare for before moving up North.

The price
One of the biggest things people notice after moving up North after living in the South is that things are considerably cheaper. Take the average price of a pint as an example. Down in London and Oxford, you can expect to pay from £4.57 to £5.19 on average, whilst those up North will pay as little as £2.35 in cities like Carlisle.

There’s often a big difference between the cost of living down South compared to in the North. In 2017, the rent for a student in London has an average of anywhere between £800 and £1,100 a month. Look up North, however, and you’ll find the average rent for student cities like Liverpool, Sheffield, Leeds and Manchester to be a lot lower, ranging from £363 to £431. Whilst there are some Southern cities with more affordable average rent costs, such as in Exeter where the average comes to £462, it’s worth considering the type of accommodation available. Northern cities like Liverpool and Manchester are seeing a rise in purpose-built student accommodation with a more modern, luxury design. While this type of accommodation is available around the country, with lower rental prices up North in general, you’re more likely to be able to get a luxury apartment at a much lower price than you would in London. RW Invest is one property development company that’s focusing on the North, offering student properties with stylish designs, spacious living areas and amenities such as high-speed wifi.

The people
With Liverpool voted the kindest city in the UK, and with York and Manchester close behind, there’s a reason the North is known for its friendliness. Students heading up North for university will notice small (or big) gestures that make the people stand out compared to Southern cities.

Then there’s the accents. There is such a range of accents in the North that sometimes it can get a little confusing. Scousers, Mancunians and Geordies make up the most recognisable accents in the region, along with those from Yorkshire. When you take into account all the smaller towns and areas in the North and the accents that come with them, there are actually more accents than you think. Towns like Wigan, Wolverhampton and Carlisle have their own Northern accents that slightly differ from the rest; definitely something students moving up North will pick up on in no time.

The weather 
Students in the North should expect to find themselves braving the cold and rainy weather on their way to lectures on a regular basis. The weather is one of the biggest distinctions between the North and the South, with Southern cities tending to be more favourable when it comes to the weather. On the bright side, living in the North is perfect if you love a bit of snow in the Winter.

The social scene 
Students up North take nightlife pretty seriously. Bars in London tend to shut relatively early compared to what Northerners are used to, with clubs in Liverpool staying open till the sun comes up.

This is part of the reason why university cities in the North have been voted the best in the UK for student nightlife. They also have the best drunk food to grab on the way home: think cheesy chips covered in plenty of gravy, the ultimate hangover cure. The social scene in cities like Liverpool and Manchester is also great if you love to get dressed up on nights out, as Northern girls are known for going all out, whatever the occasion!

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