The perks of being single at Christmas

The perks of being single at Christmas
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There's no denying that Christmas can make you feel single as fuck as it’s the season of cosy nights in, engagement announcements, being asked by friends and family if you’re seeing anyone and cute photos all over Instagram of being snuggled up around the fire. And the thing is, I genuinely love seeing my nearest and dearest being loved up as they’re all lovely people and really deserve that happiness. And yet there’s no way of writing that without sounding sarcastic when I am actually being sincere! But as a gal who is set to be single again over the festive period, here’s a gentle reminder that it’s not the end of the world to receive a standard Christmas card, not a couples one. Here’s why riding solo isn’t so bad after all.

·   Straight up, it’s cheaper. I mean, obviously, as you’re not spending money on presents for them or their families, but you’re also not spending money on driving too and from two sets of family occasions or going to their social events as well as your own throughout the festive period either.

·   This also means that if you want to lose an entire weekend to a post-party hangover, you only have your own plans to consider.

·   If you end up under the mistletoe at your work’s do, it’s (obviously) far less scandalous when you’re single – assuming the other person is too. So y’know, it isn’t a worst case scenario.

·   There are fewer people to argue with. I know that I’m an argumentative little bitch when I have to spend a lot of time cooped up with other people (I’m a joy to be around, clearly), and my family know when to leave me alone, but when it’s someone else’s family? You have to be a fucking delight 100% of the time, and that’s pretty hard work however much you might love your significant other’s family.

·   You revert back to childhood roles. Everyone does this when they’re home for Christmas and without a partner, you can bicker with your siblings to your hearts content and there’s nobody there to judge you.

·   Your Netflix account can be full of recommended Netflix original Christmas films with nobody else’s viewing messing it up.

·   Nobody expects you to host Christmas by yourself. What could be better than turning up at your mum’s with a bottle of prosecco and knowing that your only tasks will be laying the table and washing up. (This makes me sound like the laziest fucker in the world but my mum is not a woman you want to cross in a kitchen – I can’t imagine where I get my control freak tendencies from…).

So, if you're single this Christmas, 2018 is the year to embrace it. Remind yourself that you're strong and independent rather than alone and unattached. Make plans with your friends, go out in groups big enough that having a few couples there won't make you feel like a third wheel and embrace having alone time that allows you to do exactly what you want. And if you're in a relationship? Remember that compromise is key, list out the things you want to do both together and with your families and friends. Either way, get things planned in advance rather than rolling with the times so you can really enjoy the season with your loved ones.

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