Reflecting on my 2018 goals

Reflecting on my 2018 goals
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Every year, I like to write a list of resolutions as, if anything, it makes me feel accountable for what I’d like to achieve. In work terms, it’s like setting my life objectives where halfway through the year I have a review of the first two quarters and then in December, it’s an annual appraisal and re-setting my objectives for the next year. Yep, I need a holiday, don’t I? That being said, having clear goals for the year is really important as otherwise it’s so easy for time to slip by. Addressing it by laying down what you want to achieve then working out why it has or hasn’t happened means you can assess. Change of priorities? Fine. Didn’t invest enough time into the things that make you happy? Not fine, needs to change. See what I mean? Here is how I got on with my 2018 goals.

Do more fun stuff
This is a resolution that seems to have come full circle a bit during 2018 as I feel like I spent a lot of the first half of 2018 going out and then I just seemed to get it out of my system when I realised that weekends are too short to have a two day hangover (the perks of being 26). My version of ‘doing fun stuff’ is now a bit more low key and sober but I’m still happy with that as it means that when I do out ‘out’ out, I enjoy it a lot more. This year I’ve definitely done a lot of fun things like going to concerts, meals out, blogger events but I’ve also done the things I find fun like having weekends of no plans where I read a new book from start to finish. I think I’ve got to the point of having balance between home-y plans and big plans which I’d like to continue into next year.

Improve my living space
Well, I can’t say this has been the most successful as I haven’t exactly done a Grand Designs on my little shoebox of a flat! I have however kept a plant alive for a good month or too so that’s something, right?! My flat definitely feels more like it’s mine now that I have a whole load of prints up on the wall (Desenio and Fy are my go-to, plus IKEA/Wilkos frames), as the canvases that came with my flat were dull af, but other than those, I haven’t made any big changes to my living room/kitchen. My bedroom levelled up when I got those marble tables from Aldi and a lot of decluttering has made the space more aesthetically pleasing too. I’m happy enough with where my flat is as until I can afford a lot of new furniture (LOL), it’s not going to get much better.

Own my style
I think that whilst I’m still feeling the super-casual, safe dressing vibe, I’ve become a bit more ‘you do you’. I’ve taken a couple of baby steps out of my comfort zone, (apparently 2018 was the year I embraced the colour yellow?!) but significant weight gain has left me wanting to blend in a bit. That being said, since I’ve started Slimming World, I’ve felt that confidence I once had creeping back in and there are some style staples I’d like to purchase in the new year. I know where I want to be by this time next year, so I’m looking forward to that!

Share the love more
Kindness goes a long way, as do coffees for homeless people (if you’re on O2 and don’t get the free Caffe Nero hot drink on a Tuesday, trust me, there will be someone in need who wants it). I’m trying to get into better habits of doing little things like sending cards and I still have a blood donation booked for the end of 2018 too so I’m half way there, but as always, the love can always be shared a little further.

Learn more professionally
2018 has been another whirlwind year professionally and from it I’ve taken some great learnings. I’ve spoken at an event, pitched for new business, spent a couple of days with Facebook and worked on some really great client projects. Though it hasn’t been the step up that 2017 was, this year has been the year where I’ve become more comfortable working at a higher level whilst at a fast pace and (bar a few sleepless nights!) I’ve really enjoyed it.

Overall, I wouldn’t say that 2018 has been my best year as it’s been another emotional rollercoaster, and I’m definitely not ending it in a better headspace than when I started, but I’m really excited for everything I want to do and achieve in 2019. I’m not going down the ‘new year, new me’ vibe, but I think the last couple of months have seen positive changes in 2018 and they’re changes I’d like to carry through into the new year too.

How did you get on with your resolutions? Let me know in the comments!

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