Making a homemade hamper – budget Christmas gift idea

Making a homemade hamper – budget Christmas gift idea
Making a homemade hamper – budget Christmas gift idea

I absolutely love buying Christmas gifts at this time of year but it’s always tricky to find something for everyone without absolutely destroying your bank balance to the point of no repair. Saving dollar where you can is important, especially as January is a long, lonely month when you get paid early in December and your wages do a magic trick where they turn into mulled wine which is £5 a mug at the Christmas markets.

I love the idea of doing something really personal when buying presents for your nearest and dearest, so creating a hamper is perfect for that. My mum has actually done this for me and my sister and it’s honestly my favourite gift. Here’s a list of the things you could include – which most importantly, you can pick up on offer in most supermarkets!

1. Tea and coffee – Yorkshire Tea will always go down a treat
2. Fancy biscuits – Sainsburys Taste the Difference quadruple chocolate biscuits are the absolute one
3. A reusable coffee cup, for a more environmentally friendly 2019
4. A reusable water bottle, as above!
5. A new book for them to read on Boxing day / voucher for a book download on Kindle
6. New bedding – preferably already washed and ironed (my mum does this, it’s the best gift in the world)
7. A scented candle – Aldi’s knock off Jo Malone ones are the dream for this
8. A new fragrance – check offer sites as a lot of them have great deals on at Christmas. My sister’s favourite which is Vera Wang Princess seems to be permanently discounted which I love.
9. Toiletries – give a gal the right shampoo, conditioner and shower gel and you’re starting her day off right for a week or two
10. Socks – you come to an age where socks are one of the best things to receive at Christmas and I can confirm that it’s any time from 25 upwards
11. A photo printed and framed of you with them
12. Gloves – the cheap, black touch-screen gloves from TU at Sainsburys are the only ones I wear.

It’s all pretty basic stuff but it will bring joy well into 2019. It’s the kind of gift that is practical, filled with some bits which you’d normally buy yourself and some treats too. Plus if you wrap it all up nicely in a cheap basket or box, it’s more impressive than any other gifts!

What would you love to find under the tree this Christmas? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. This is such a lovely idea and I love your mum does this for you. :)
    Personal, homemade gifts/traditions are amazing.x