Leeds is Rapidly Transforming – This is how

The northern city of Leeds is upholding a respected reputation as one of the leading student cities, a fantastic location for prestigious financial companies, and recently named the new home for Channel 4’s regional hub. Leeds’ economy is accelerating rapidly as there have been substantial amounts of regeneration attracting a thriving student population, more and more young professionals seeking a high standard of city living, and major businesses taking advantage of strong prospects within the city.

With the economy currently estimated in the region of £18 billion, Leeds has experienced a huge 40% growth over the last decade. This looks set to continue over the forthcoming years as projections show a further 21% growth in the local economy. Highlighted as one of the UK’s fastest growing cities, Leeds holds an abundance of remarkable accolades that are only set to grow.

Northern Powerhouse
The Northern Powerhouse is a strategy central to addressing the North-South divide. Introduced as a government’s scheme, the plan aims to generate considerable amounts of investment, local autonomy, and collaboration between the North’s most notable cities. Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Hull and Newcastle are named the ‘core cities’ that are due to benefit from the Northern Powerhouse initiative as they work together to become a strong economic region.

Transport across the North has a reputation for being notoriously unreliable, therefore aiming to improve links between northern cities provide a healthier environment for investment. Northern Powerhouse rail is a strategy aiming to secure a quicker, more convenient commute for cities in the North and the rest of the world.

Property in Leeds is benefiting from the Northern Powerhouse initiative, particularly as overseas investors are being enticed to the area and commute times between the North and the capital has been slashed dramatically, making a more appealing location for business. Companies like RW Invest are investing heavily in Leeds as the city has become a fundamental city in the North.

One of key parts of Leeds regeneration and modernisation revolves around a significant overhaul that aims to enhance existing transportation. Major improvements across the city within its transport networks have been projected to further develop Leeds into a 21st century city.

Boosting Leeds’ transport is closely linked with the city’s staggering growth and its strong potential to facilitate higher productivity than previous years.

Leader of Leeds City Council, Councillor Judith Blake, said in the Leeds Transport Strategy,“We are passionate about getting our transport system right for all who live, work and visit Leeds. Transport plays a vital role in our city’s prosperity and helps us to develop a healthier and more livable city.”

HS2 is one of the largest transportation reforms across the whole of the country as it aims to create high speed links from the North down to the South. Consequently, progressions within rail infrastructure are going to have a huge impact on Leeds. The HS2 project will tie together with Leeds’ new South Bank, one of the city’s largest success stories in terms of boosting the city’s growth. This is only the beginning of momentous changes to come as determined visions are altering the way the city works, lives, and does business. Together, the HS2 and Leeds South Bank will create a site that is due to be completed in 2033, connecting to Leeds’ current train station which will have already experienced investment and improvements.

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