How to get back to healthy habits after Christmas

How to get back to healthy habits after Christmas
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Twixmas. Chrimbo-limbo. Whatever you want to call that time between Christmas and New Year, there’s no denying that calories aren’t exactly at the forefront of anyone’s mind, are they? If you struggle with leading a healthy lifestyle for the other 51 weeks of the year, not letting the festive period kick you off a cliff into a downward spiral can be tricky. Here are my tips for getting back into healthier habits following the Christmas indulgence.

Don’t try to detox
Detoxing is absolute bullshit. Weightloss pills, laxative teas and juice diets are absolute bullshit and don’t work. At all. (Yes, the people selling them on Instagram are either lying or deluded). If you ‘needed’ to detox from all of the so-called toxins in your body, surely everyone who didn’t do it would be dead by now. But as it happens, we have a liver and two kidneys doing that job 365 days a year.

Do eat your five a day
If your diet has primarily consisted of leftover turkey in sandwiches and snacking on your selection box, the chances are you haven’t been nibbling your way through the fruitbowl. But adding some salad to your plate, reaching for a handful of grapes before reaching for a handful of celebrations isn’t a bad shout – the more you fill up on the healthy stuff, the less space there will be for chocolate, right?

Do a big food shop
When your fridge supplies of leftovers are beginning to dwindle, take the opportunity to refill it with a load of wholesome food that can be easily cooked and snacked on whilst you’re at home. If there’s food there to eat, you’ll be less inclined to order a takeaway or grab something when you’re out.

Socialise - but eat in not out
If you’re having a catch up with your friends and family over new year, why not offer to cook and have everyone over? It puts you in control of what everyone’s eating so you can tailor it to what you fancy, whatever you can cook that is low effort/looks impressive (fajitas is my go-to for this) and how healthy it is too.

Don’t do Veganuary to lose weight
Going vegan in January is a big thing and if you’re giving it a go because you want to save the pigs and chickens or y’know, the planet, fantastic. Good for you, strong effort. But being ‘vegan’ isn’t the same as being ‘healthy’. Of course, you can make a vegan diet incredibly healthy if you research it and try a whole load of new recipes to ensure your diet is balanced (and again, great shout if you do), but don’t automatically assume that vegans just eat vegetables and that will make you healthy. Vegans eat cake too!

Plan your drinks and then your hangovers
Pick your poison carefully and weigh up the pros and cons. Find the balance between the alcohol which will be the fewest calories vs the alcohol that will give you the best hangover. Clear spirits are your low calorie option, especially with diet mixers, but if you know you can do a full night on beer and the next day not feel so rough that you speed-dial Dominos, that’s a plus too. Always have food in which you can eat when you’re both drunk and hungover as it will stop you tapping up Deliveroo in your moment of need.

Go back to normal
It sounds stupid but carry on what you were doing before the festivities rather than trying to make a drastic change to your lifestyle will feel a lot more sustainable. If you went to the gym twice a week, go back to the gym twice a week, not every day. Eat the food you ate before, not a whole new diet.

How are you planning on getting back to normal in January? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Great post Lizi, so true! I literally shiver when someone mentions detoxing and pills and juices.. :/
    My plan is to plan. To meal plan for alternate meat days and the days in-between will be simple (hellos beans on toast!) or green (of the veggie kind). I've enjoyed researching new recipes to try. :)