18 favourites from 2018

18 favourites from 2018
cosy club york at christmas

I thought about writing a monthly breakdown of my year and then realised that a) I was relying on what I posted on Instagram to remind me and b) it wasn’t that exciting. I’ll throw it out there now, 2018 was not my favourite year by a long way (I still think my last great year was 2014, sigh), but it had some good bits. Here are 18 of my favourite things from 2018.

1. I got a new tattoo. I decided that I wanted something to remember my dad by and my earliest memory of him is early one morning I was downstairs ‘helping’ him make his pack up for work and he explained to me that the north star was the shiniest one in the sky. The tattoo I got included the constellation that the north star is in and some of my favourite flowers. I absolutely love it.

2. A good year at work. I passed my probation back in January and this year I’ve spent two days being a peak social media manager with Facebook in London, done my first new business pitches and have spoken at an industry event. It’s been an absolute whirlwind but during the last few months I’ve definitely found a bit more of a work/life balance which I’m happy about.

3. My sister had an ACL reconstruction in her knee. I know it’s weird that this is a highlight as it has been a very difficult few months for her post-op, but I’m happy that she’s finally been able to have the operation and is now well on her way to recovery and I enjoyed looking after her whilst she was off work.

4. Two of my friends from home had babies this year. One is her first and the other is her second, and seeing two people I’ve known since we were kids being incredible mums makes my heart happy.

5. The World Cup. I’m not a football fan usually but this summer had the best vibe as we got far further than we ever expected in the World Cup. The love for Gareth Southgate, the increased sales in waistcoats, the standard response to everything being ‘it’s coming home’ really made summer 2018 one to remember.

6. I went all the way to London one afternoon just to have dinner with Haydy, Hayley and Kariss (and managed to drop by the Natural History Museum whilst I was down there).

7. A magical mystery day in Scarborough with Rachel and Caroline, which ended with the best GBT (garlic bread and tomato) in the world from Florios.

8. I made time for mental health breaks, whether it was a little midweek day off just to switch off or a walk around Roundhay Park.

9. I ate out a lot, which one of my favourite things to do in the world (and a lot of the time it was with my gal Kellie, which is an added bonus).

10. I went to my first festival! My mum took my sister and I to CarFest North as our Christmas present and though it rained a lot, we had a fun day out.

11. I saw Jurassic Park with a live orchestra which is a big tick on my bucketlist.

12. A blogger date day in Leeds where we ate donuts, went to the Christmas markets, visited the Royal Armouries and ate the best food ever from Slap and Pickle.

13. I worked with some incredible brands, with my favourites being Trinity Leeds, Pieminister and more recently Marks and Spencer.

14. I went to see Ed Sheeran, Katy Perry and Michael McIntyre, all of which were incredible nights.

15. There were also a lot of great nights out including two Otley Runs and my first time at Bongo’s Bingo.

16. I went ginger (albeit temporarily). I went full on Weasley back in September and absolutely loved it until I went back to the dark side for Christmas.

17. I spent Christmas, as always, with my mum and sister, we had a really lovely, relaxed time (and ate icecream on the beach on Christmas morning, of course).

18. I ended the year surrounded by the best friends and family a gal could ask for.

I really hope everyone reads this has a happy new year and I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who has read my blog as your support means the world.