Why you should declutter your living space

Why you should declutter your living space
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Autumn seems to have arrived with approximately three minutes notice and if it wasn’t my absolute favourite season of the year, I’d almost say it was a little rude. I’m absolutely 100% down for scarf weather, layers and spooky season but I must admit, that first morning I saw sunshine out of my window and realised only when I got outside without my coat that it was approximately minus three, I was taken aback.

However, whilst Spring is the known season for cleaning (amongst other things), I’m all about the Autumn declutter. I’m the first to admit that I struggle massively with my mental health in Winter, as my mood seems to plummet and I have to make a conscious effort to stop all the good vibes in my body from hibernating. This means that keeping a handle on my living environment is important. One of the things that really helps me when my mood is low is feeling as though I’m in control and whilst when it comes to my professional life, I can accept that things will be out of my hands, at home, they’re not.

Which is why during my weekly trip to the supermarket, I will happily peruse the cleaning aisle to buy binbags (sorry environment), new cleaning products (yup, my bad, environment) and anything else I may need for a declutter and deep clean. I believe this is what everyone else my age is calling ‘getting your Hinch on’.

(If you haven’t heard of Mrs Hinch, she’s an Instagrammer who everyone has gone wild for because she has an excessively clean home and shares all of her cleaning tips on her Instagram stories. She’s well worth checking out if you fancy a little motivation to do some cleaning but if you have any obsessive tendencies then I’d definitely avoid as she takes things way too far.)

But decluttering is a great activity for boosting my mood as it means getting rid of things you just don’t need. Whether it goes in the bin, the recycling or to a charity shop, getting rid of shit that doesn’t add value to your life is liberating.

That’s anything from decorative tat that you’ve been bought but it doesn’t fit with your interior theme to candles that you’ve had for 12 months and haven’t burnt yet being shipped off to the charity shop.

Clear out your cupboard of ‘non-perishable’ goods which do in fact have a use-by date and you’ll find yourself looking in cupboards and actually seeing what you have.

Sort out your bags for life as I can promise you, you don’t need 20 of them.

Get rid of anything you hoard – plastic water bottles is my guilty one as I always buy them, reuse them a few times and end up with a load of them that I don’t need. (Yes, I know, I’m fessing up to being THAT person, nobody tell Greenpeace).

Sort out your shower so that you only have the necessary product actually sitting in there and when you realise that black mould has appeared behind the tub of conditioning treatment you never use, get some Cillit Bang black mould remover on it for an hour and it will dissolve into nothingness. (one of my top five cleaning products).

When you wipe your sides down, use a cleaning spray you actually like the smell of that doesn’t reek of antiseptic and chemicals. Method’s cleaning spray in grapefruit and diluted Zoflora (yes, I know, #HinchArmy) in fresh linen are both dreamy.

Wash and dry your bedding so it’s machine-fresh during your decluttering day and honest to God, it’s the reward you will enjoy the most. For a truly dreamy experience, I would absolutely, 100% recommend Bold 2 in 1 washing liquid with a hint of Lenor in Lavender and Camomile, and a capful of Lenor Unstoppables in was scent boosters in that come in the purple bottle.

All of these things are so easy to do and yet the feeling of satisfaction, calm and yes, I do have my life together (at least a little bit) is so worth it. It’s so easy for weeks to go by where you work Monday – Friday then have plans/hangovers all weekend and if you’re not a naturally tidy person (AKA, me), it can be easy to let things get on top of you and become so over-whelming that you don’t know where to begin. I’m hoping that now I’ve done my decluttering for the season that I can keep on top of it and keep a clearer mindset.

What are your tips for an Autumn declutter? Let me know in the comments.

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