The importance of female friendships

The importance of female friendships
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A wise gal once said to me 'real queens fix each other's crowns without telling the whole world it was crooked'. 

And you know what? They're words to live by. That's the underlying vibe of the true sisterhood. Girl code. Whatever you want to call it.

We live in a world where women are fighting for equality, being slut shamed for dressing how we like and are often being blamed for being the victims of assault. Women are frowned upon for leaving toxic relationships and abandoning our so-called 'role' of care-giver, yet when a man walks away? He's celebrated for 'dodging a bullet'. Right now, life isn't fair in so many areas, and yet still, there are women out there who set out to tear other women down.

Inequality exists, that's a fact, so it's ever more important that women have each others backs. Women should empower other women, and I'm grateful to be (mainly) surrounded by women who do just that. 

Some women though, just aren’t those women. Some are the type of people who will declare that you can’t be a feminist if you wear pink, do your make up, then post your cleaning tips on Instagram. And that’s sad as the one thing every feminist should be fighting for is the right to choose. They’re the women who will tread on toes to get to a man even if it’s complicated. They’re the girls who make back handed comments that you’ll think you’re reading too much into when in fact, you’re reading into them just enough.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that there will never be a world where there isn’t bitching and I know I’m just as guilty for it as everyone else, but if you're going to bitch, do it with a good reason. Don’t be the bitch. If someone’s being a dick to you, go for your life, but don’t hate on someone out of jealousy or your own insecurity.

The 90’s saw the launch of girl power with the Spice Girls (though I’m still not sure why if you want a man to be your lover that you’d want him to get with your friends?), but 2018 needs to be the year where we really stick together as God knows we’re up against enough. 

This is the time to bin off the Regina George’s of the world. Call out bad behaviour, don’t reward it with silence. Bring women up with you, don’t stand on them to get to the top. And above all? When you find those women who are on your level, hang onto them and don’t let go.

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