How to survive a hangover as a grown up

How to survive a hangover as a grown up
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Remember back when you were at uni when you thought you knew what a hangover is? When you’d wake up with a headache, smash a couple of painkillers with a can of something highly caffeinated and make a miraculous recovery in time to get on it again the following night? Well enter grown up world and suddenly that’s a thing of the past. Goodbye going out every night, hello Friday nights out that you only feel fully recovered from on Monday morning.

It’s official, I’m old and my liver can’t take it. I’ve reached the turning point of my life where Jagerbombs turn my stomach (not that it will stop me) and I need a fully recovery plan in place if I want to have a chance of enjoying a weekend following a heavy Friday. As I’ve become pretty accustomed to after work drinks, here are my tips to surviving a Saturday hangover and keeping it to one day, not two.

Water, water, water
Make your last drink before you leave the pub/club/bar a glass of water and then grab a bottle of it from a takeaway to sip on your way home. Honestly, it will make the world of difference. It means for at least your last hour or so before bed, you’re not drinking anything which has caffeine in it either which will help you sleep.

Eat toast not takeaways
I know, I know, nothing tastes better when you’re pissed than a Dominos that you probably can’t afford, but eating a big takeout that’s full of salt will leave you feeling seriously dehydrated and bloated the next day. Coming in and having a couple of slices of toast isn’t as heavy and will stop you feeling crappy because of what you’ve eaten as well as what you’ve drunk.

Prep your post-drinks as well as your pre-drinks
Waking up dehydrated is the worst, but having ice stashed in the freezer and a bottle of fruit squash to hand will help. There’s nothing better than a pint of peach squash (Robinsons is the absolute dream), when you’re hanging. If you drink fizzy drinks, keep a couple of cans in the fridge of whatever hasn’t been your mixer from the night before. Drunk vodka and diet coke all night? Drink diet coke the next day and all you’ll taste is vodka.

Have staple food supplies ready
A sure sign of grown up living is having a cupboard full of non-perishable foods, but if you have a tin of beans, hashbrowns and sausages in your freezer and a couple of eggs in the fridge, you’re well on the way to a bangin’ breakfast the morning after the night before.

Keep your bedding fresh
Changing your bedding the night before means that though drunk you will have already benefited from the fresh sheets feeling, but if you use my absolute fave cleaning product in the world, Lenor Unstoppables Scent Boosters, they’ll still smell fresh for when hungover you needs a nap.

For the love of God, don’t make plans
Don’t kid yourself, you’re not going to be up to doing much, so don’t commit yourself to seeing people. In particular, don’t commit to seeing people who will disapprove of the state you’re in. Unless your plans include being driven to a McDonald’s drive thru (by someone who is legally under the limit to drive, obviously...) don’t even think about it.

So, that’s my round up of how I try and cure a hangover, what are your tips? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Can't wait for a time when I don't need hangover cures! You're right about the toast, but takeaway is so easy here! I need to prepare in future I think. x