Autumn vibes and taking a step back

Autumn vibes and taking a step back
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How the hell is it September? I assume there will be a point in my life that I stop treating this month like it’s the start of the year but I can’t tell if I’m still clutching onto my student days or simply have an addiction to new stationery.

This time of year is my absolute favourite. It seems like the summer heatwave has dropped off the face of the Earth (thank God as being both plus size and pale af, summer is not when I’m at my peak) and we’re back to jumper but not quite winter coat weather. And I am LOVING it. I mean, is there anything better than sitting in your flat on an evening with your balcony doors open, a candle burning, wearing a hoody and watching ‘to all the boys I’ve loved before’ on Netflix? No, no there is not.

A change in seasons is definitely what I need right now as the last few months have been very busy, pretty damn stressful and in all honesty, not that cheery for me, and it’s taken me until now to pick up my metaphorical spade and dig myself out of this rut. Behind all the bright and happy Instagram posts has been a gal feeling like a dementor with PMT so y’know, don’t believe everything you see on social media. Don’t get me wrong, there have been some absolute LOLs over the summer, but it’s not exactly seen me at my best either.

But as there’s a new season kicking in, I wanted to put down a few goals for between now and Christmas, just to give me a more accountable kick up the arse.

1. Put myself first a bit more. This isn’t as selfish as it sounds, but sometimes it’s worth remembering that other people have their own agendas and priorities and you don’t have to align to them for the sake of people pleasing. #SorryNotSorry.
2. Remembering it’s OK to enjoy clothes even if you’re not keen on what’s underneath them. I know, mind blowing. It’s genuinely taken me until age 26 to realise that I don’t have to punish myself for not feeling super confident in my shape and size by wearing clothes which aren’t that nice. Here’s to A/W collections dropping which have sleeves instead of side boob.
3. Look after my body a little more. It’s been a summer fuelled by convenience food, meals out and a lot of booze, and my insides have taken a battering, so upping the veg and water, and reducing the tequila should do me some good.
4. Let things go. Sometimes, it’s just better to channel your inner Elsa and let it go. If someone doesn’t agree with you, does it make you a bad person? Probably not. I know this might come across defeatist but if it makes for an easier life to take the high road and not hold onto unnecessary negativity, I’m here for that.
5. Ask the universe more. Yep, I’m now one of those people. I’m a big believer in fate, karma, spirits, and being part of something bigger, and whilst I’m not expecting to look up at night and see a step by step guide to acing life written in the stars, telling the universe what you want really can help. Even if all it does is make you think about what you want on a deeper level, bring it into your conscious mind and make you more inclined to act on it, that’s only a positive, right?

Even just writing this post has felt a little like therapy but I’ll end it here as all I want to do is browse new in on ASOS and plan my little life overhaul. Over and out.

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  1. Love this post Lizi! There's definitely a few things that I could do with getting onboard with!
    Looking forward to seeing you this month.