My experience with a psychic

Leeds psychic and spiritual centre
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Well, this is certainly a tangent from my usual post subjects isn’t it?

I’m the first to admit that I’m not a spontaneous kinda gal, it’s just not my bag. I like sticking to plans, having a schedule and I’m only a few steps away from having a Gantt chart of my social life (LOL I wish this was an exaggeration but it’s not), but a few weeks ago I took myself off to a psychic evening with 15 minutes notice and I surprised myself. 

Disclaimer: apologies for the irrelevant photo on this post, I didn't want to take a photo for the 'gram whilst I was in the session.

I’ve always been curious about spirits, the future (though obviously not straying into Ouija board territory as I’m not getting into that shit) and the universe and I’ve wanted to do something like this for a while. In fact, ever since I went to a group reading when I was at university, I’ve wanted to see a psychic or medium again so when I saw that my local spiritual centre ran psychic evenings every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I thought, why not.

I didn’t have a clue what to expect as I couldn’t find much information online but I got there, paid my £12 and was told to go into a room and choose nine tarot cards, each from a different deck. In the room, there were around 15 other people and over the course of the evening, one woman was in the room doing a group reading (Chrissy) and one by one, each person went out to another room for a short five minute reading with a second woman, Diane.

Whilst in the main room, Chrissy, took the chosen cards from each person and without going into a lot of detail, discussed the spirits which were there for that person, told them about things which were going on in their lives, numbers and dates which would be relevant to them and so on. As I’m a bit sceptical, I looked for things which were down to interpretation from leading questions but there’s no denying that some things were a little to specific to be a lucky guess. For example, one guy who was in there had lost his dad 6 months previously and she referred to him by name.

I should say now that at no point was anyone asked their name. Everyone who was there for the first time went in as strangers and several times, Chrissy asked a person who someone was as it was the person they had come with. Needless to say, my curiosity was peaked.

I had my private reading first with Diane and the moment I sat down she asked me who John was – which is my Dad’s name. Without going into details, she told me about how I need to speak to the universe more about what I want but before I do so, I need to write it down and work it out myself. She also made some very correct assumptions about how I was feeling about myself, about work and about my family. I’ll admit, I was very, very emotional, as I always am when I talk about my dad, but I found the reading comforting if nothing else.

Back in the main room, I had my group reading and by this point, it was only in front of a few people (most people left after they had had both their group and private reading). Here, Chrissy said very similar things to Diane about how I need to speak to the universe more. Given I had walked in just before it started and knew they couldn’t have had any cross-conversations, it did make me believe more.

I’m really glad I went to the session as for £12, it was very interesting and regardless of whether or not you believe in spirits, it’s comforting and sometimes you need a stranger to tell you that you need to sort your shit out and work out what you want (though not in as many words!). It’s a bit of a weird situation as you’re not there to be counselled but nor are these people your friends, but they’re still offering advice, though objectively. If you’re curious about spirits, I’d really recommend going to one of the psychic evenings at Leeds Psychic Centre as it’s very cheap and you’re not committing to anything.


  1. This is such an interesting read Lizi and I totally side with your previous assumptions about such things, but also feel your experience may have swayed me.
    When it comes to something like this I feel doing it somewhere where you're not known and or a bigger place (city etc) is a good idea, but it also, like you, being a last minute thing and not making it socially known - all helps with cutting out the crap possibility.


  2. I’ve been to a group session once and a 1-1 session when I felt very lost. I’m not sure if I believe in spirits or not but like you said, it was so nice to be opposite a stranger and hear their thoughts and advice. I felt a lot better afterwards.