Home interiors on a budget

Home interiors on a budget

You know when you see someone with the most Pinterest-perfect home and wonder how the hell they managed to afford it? That’s me, every damn time. When you’re not an interiors guru (which I definitely am not), it’s actually surprisingly hard to develop any kind of home styling or theme when you first move into your own place and have the opportunity to go wild. Living in a one-bed flat means I don’t have much space to play with but I’ve decided that 2018 is the year that I make it more ‘me’ (it’s taken me long enough, I’ve only lived here nearly four years). Here are my tips to home interiors on a budget.

Get rid of the stuff you haven’t chosen yourself
This was a big one for me as I was renting my flat when I bought it so it came fully furnished – right down to the canvases on the walls and the shitty pleather sofa that moults every time someone sits on it. Over the last few years, I’ve gradually binned and replaced as much stuff as I can so that things are actually to my tastes, not the tastes of the previous owner. For other people, this may mean binning things they’ve been gifted in the past (#sorrynotsorry) and replacing hand-me-down furniture with new things.

Go to budget stores
It’s easy to go into shops like Aldi, Primark and Home Bargains and see budget buys next to other budget items on the shelf and think they look cheap – but out of that context and in your home, actually, they look nothing of the sort. My bedside tables are *those* marble topped ones from Aldi (I got two sets of two tables, for £20 each) and my bedside lamps were £8 each in Primark. I also have another small table in my living room which is from Sainsburys that I absolutely adore.

Have fresh flowers
There is nothing better than fresh flowers to make your home feel ‘finished’ when you’ve done a big clean and tidy. And if you don’t want fresh? Pick up some fake flowers.

Put up prints
Having artwork on your walls doesn’t have to involve spending a fortune or banging nails into walls. My prints are from Fy and Desenio, frames are from IKEA and Amazon and have been put up with command strips. As I live by myself, I see the prints that I have as for the flat rather than the future so I’ve gone for everything which is exactly to my taste – I mean, this is the only time I’m living somewhere which is entirely my own and I don’t have to consider what anyone else thinks.  And this my friends is why I have a framed print of the lyrics to the Fresh Prince of Belair rap on my wall.

So, that’s my tips for interiors on a budget – let me know yours in the comments.

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