10 things about going to IKEA as an adult

10 things about going to IKEA as an adult
IKEA shelves in store

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Confession time, I recently went to IKEA for the first time as an adult. I must have been around 6 years old when I last went to IKEA and let me tell you, it’s a weird af experience to someone who’s never been before as a grown up. I recently went with my friend Maz who is an IKEA enthusiast to say the least and whilst I wasn’t quite as enthusiastic about the shop itself, I was definitely looking forward to seeing the scale of excitement she experienced – I wasn’t let down. Here are my thoughts on going to IKEA as an adult.

1. It’s just like Argos but instead of flicking through a catalogue, you walk through it.
2. All of the little rooms that are done up look like they’re straight out of an AirBnB.
3. Why don’t I have a blank canvas of a flat to just do out exactly like the done up rooms?
4. As I walked round, I quickly realised that the person I bought my fully furnished flat from clearly had the same idea as I spotted a fair few things that I own from said done up rooms.
5. How many pencils is it acceptable to take? (I opted for three).
6. How are there so many variations of a frying pan?
7. Likewise utensils, bins, toilet seats and rugs.
8. When you forget something and have to go back for it, it’s like the arrows they project on the floor flicker menacingly at you for breaking the one rule of IKEA.
9. The kids toy section is still as exciting at 26 as it was when I was six. Who doesn’t want a large cuddly toy shark to snuggle down with at night? (I ended up leaving the shark in the shop, sob).
10. After the whole horsemeat scandal of a million years ago, it’s a relief to see that IKEA in Leeds is on a retail park with a Nando’s. I don’t even have any objection to horsemeat, I just don’t want to feel tricked into eating it, y’know?

So, have you been to IKEA recently? Did you go to the one in Leeds and sack it off for Homesense which is next door? Did you risk the meatballs or did you indulge in some peri peri chicken?

Let me know in the comments.

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  1. We have SO MANY of those giant Ikea cuddly toys!
    I didn't know about the horse meat scandal 'til I read this! Argh! Though I'm more of an Ikea cinnamon bun girl tbf...