First date spots in Leeds #3

First date bars in Leeds

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Oh hello, it’s been a while! I spent most of 2017 being pretty absent from the dating scene as y’know, life got in the way, but I’ve put in a little graft on Tinder so far this year and I’m *gasp* dipping my toes back into the dating game. My dating apps have seen a lot of right swiping, mainly courtesy of my coupled up friends on nights out (cheers huns for some cracking matches), and it’s got me thinking about some first date locations. It’s just so important to get right, right? You don’t want anywhere too loud, too quiet, too busy... the list is endless. I tend to keep my dates to midweek, as this gal has weekend plans until June, so here’s my run down of the best first date spots for a few tipples on a school night.

AKA my second home on a Thursday and Friday evening. Revs ticks all the boxes for me as it has great cocktails, cosy corners and a fun atmosphere. The drinks aren’t too expensive (especially with their 3-7pm weeknight happy hour), but it’s easy to get double parked with the 241 cocktails so head here if your confident you want to stay for more than one drink. For me, this bar is perfect as it's well within my comfort zone as I come here so often, which is definitely important on a first date (even if it did mean on my last date here, I had to sit tactically with my back to a group of my work friends who were also out for drinks that night).

This is a bar that’s nestled down the bottom of Call Lane and for me, it works as a good second bar to go to. Midweek it’s fairly quiet in there so it’s a go-to when you want to carry on the conversation later into the night. It’s in no way pretentious but always has candles and fresh flowers which are the little touches I love.

I included the Hedonist Project in my last round up of first date spots but as it’s launching a new concept in April, I wanted to feature it again. As the bar switches up entirely every few months, there’s a lot to talk about and that in itself is a bit of an icebreaker if you’re feeling nervous – I loved it as the surf shack and the gin kitchen. The staff are also really friendly which definitely helps!

I went here for their press night and I was seriously impressed. I was already a fan of the first Lost and Found bar in Leeds (which I mentioned as a great first date spot in my other round up) and the second one lived up to the same high standards. The downstairs bar is the perfect date night location if you’re looking for something a little classy and very romantic. I mean, there’s a tree decked in fairy lights in the middle of the bar and if that doesn’t say fairytale, I don’t know what does. If you’re into cocktails, it’s the perfect place to go and if the date goes really well, I’d definitely recommend heading upstairs for dinner.

A Leeds classic for first dates. As the weather is starting to get a bit better, it’s coming into rooftop beer garden season and Belgrave is perfect for this. I’m thinking casual drinks, maybe some pizza if it’s going well and an excuse to get cosy on a cool and clear Spring night on the terrace. Yep, beer, pizza and cold weather are the way to my heart.

This absolute gem is another Call Lane favourite and the cocktail menu here is absolutely banging. Because the drinks are a little different and the decor is pretty cool, there’s talking points all over the place for when you come out of the awkward hello hug. Also, you can get a free mini pizza with every drink until 9pm which means you won’t be absolutely starving if you’ve come straight from work (priorities).

So that’s my round up of my current faves when it comes to date locations – what do you think I should be adding to the list? Let me know in the comments.

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