Beating the life rut

Beating the life rut

It’s so easy when you’re busy at work for the weeks to fly by and to realise that you’re running on repeat. I feel like I’ve been in a bit of a life rut so far in 2018 and whilst I’ve still been doing some fun stuff, I definitely need to switch up my routine and my outlook.

Less laptop time
I’m absolutely addicted to life online which comes with the territory of being a social media manager as I’m so passionate about my role, but spending less time with my eyes on a screen on an evening is definitely necessary. I really don’t mind having evenings in where my phone is glued to my hand providing it’s being used to chat to friends rather than aimless scrolling (when you’re in about three million Whatsapp groups with your favourite people, it can be very easy), but I don’t want to spend evenings wasting time online.

More to look forward to
I’ve written a fair few times before on here that I have a far sunnier outlook if I have things to look forward to and right now, I definitely do. My diary is quite literally jam packed with fun plans from nights out, brunch, gal time, family time, blogger events and everything inbetween so I’m going to be a seriously busy gal over the next couple of months.

Self improvement
Hi, I’m a cliché. There’s nothing better than getting to that happy point where you actually like what’s in your wardrobe, you get the haircut you’ve been putting off since November (guilty) and, ahem, book in a new tattoo. Umm yep. I’ve got my second tattoo booked in for May and aside from the slight fear of spending three hours having a needle jabbed into my ribcage, I’m really excited for it. I’m also very excited to get a hair appointment booked in as it’s definitely in need of having a couple of inches off.

A new hobby
It’s so hard to meet people out of work when you’re in your 20s as it’s not like when you’re at school and being forced into extra curriculars or at university when most of your extended friendship group is who you see most regularly in your local beer garden. I’m very lucky that I moved to Leeds and fell straight into the blogger community but nearly four years on, I want to do something a little different with my time too. I’m joining a modern jive dance class! My mum has been going for a couple of years and has spent the entire time telling me I’ll love it so I’m signed up for six weeks of classes. I like to think of it as preparing for my future appearance on Strictly...

A little bit more freedom
I’ve finally bitten the bullet and signed the contract to get a parking space in my building so this weekend I’ll be bringing my beloved Hyundai, Polly, over to Leeds. Whilst I don’t need her for work, she’s spent a long time living on my mum’s driveway and I think having a car will give me a little bit more freedom in Leeds. I mean, there will be all kinds of adventures like trips to Aldi to look forward to as who says I don’t live life on the edge?

So, that’s how I’m getting out of my little life rut, do you have any tips for me? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. I think this is great. It's great to evaluate, as such, your life and see where you are, what you've achieved and what you want and of course, you're a successful independent always wanting to better themselves lady!
    I can definitely relate to needing less laptop time. Now is not the time to change my current routine, as i have school holidays upon me, so rountines are non-existent, but once back, I do plan to evaluate and try new myself.
    I love the idea of jive classes! I'm sure you'll love it and be fab!
    Your car definitely needs to get out :)