2018: So far

2018 so far
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It’s weird to be sat writing a post reflecting on a year that we’re only just a two months into but y’know, when January felt like it lasted 49667385 days, it feels like we’re properly bedded into 2018 now. When I got to the end of January I felt like I’d lost a month as it seemed to pass by in a blur of crazily busy working weeks and yet time still slowed down to treadmill minutes (why do treadmill minutes take so much longer?!) when I had payday on the brain. I was so focused on making it to the end of the month without being in total financial ruin (LOL, I was), that I didn’t take stock of it actually being a really fun start to the year, and February was a pretty decent follow up.

I did a lot in January. I had nights out after work, I had nights in watching Disney films, I celebrated my sister’s birthday in three cities, I saw some of my favourite gals at two blogger events and I caught up with one of my best friends to put the world to rights after a hard week. Looking back at my diary from the month, I crammed in a lot given I got to the 31st and felt like I hadn’t achieved a thing.

February has been a pretty positive month too. I’ve been to London, had afternoon tea, been on yet even more nights out and had some more fun blogger events. The time I’ve spent with people has been both planned and spontaneous yet all ‘quality’ time without a doubt.

I’m definitely guilty of judging how fun my life is based on a scroll back through my social channels and that’s a habit which needs breaking for sure as living in the moment is becoming ever more important to me. Whilst I use my blog essentially as a best bits round up (y’know, in case the day I die I don’t get shown one as I go through the pearly gates), some things aren’t what I want to write about but that shouldn’t take away from them being the most fun and full of laughter. This year so far, I’ve definitely reduced how much I post on social media (though my endless Instagram stories suggest otherwise), and I’m living life more in the moment rather than though a lens – which can’t be a bad thing?

When it comes to how the start of the year is reflected in my resolutions for the year (anyone else starting to feel like this is a monthly report of my progress?!), I’ve actually done what I wanted to do. Doing more fun stuff is on my list every single year and I can safely say that I’ve filled my days with just that. I’ve worn new clothes which I love which makes me feel like I’m owning and defining my style a little more. Just a couple of weeks ago I passed my probation at work which is definitely a professional development. I’ll even tick off improving my living space now that I have fairy lights around my bed. (Well, it’s a step in the right direction at least).

Overall, 2018, you’re looking like a good one. You’ve been better than expected. You’ve been expensive, emotional and you’ve made me cry both sad and happy tears but I’ll take that. As February is coming to an end and March is already shaping up nicely, hopefully I’ll be continuing to keep up this positive vibe into the spring.

How’s your year so far? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. 2018 is going to be amazing for you! I have no doubt. :)
    Just take each day as it comes and as you say, make them fun and you happy in any way you can. :)