My January Gym Kit

January Gym Kit
Well, there’s nothing like a new year to start a resolution to get fitter, is there? In fairness to the clich├ęd ‘new year, new me’ types (hi, hello) January is actually a great time to get back in the gym and make use of the membership that’s laid dormant since November as it’s not like anyone can afford to do anything else. No joke, the only activity my membership has seen since late last year is the direct debit coming out of my account. But as ever, I’m a changed woman for at least the first few weeks of the new year and I’ve graced the gym with my presence more than once since the beginning of 2018, so I wanted to put together a list of my gym essentials.

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I’m a total brand snob when it comes to gym tops and I only ever tend to wear Nike or Adidas. I go for the cotton mix tops as they tend to keep me cooler in the gym than synthetic fabrics and they tend to hang rather than cling, meaning they’re a more flattering fit.

Any excuse to buy something oversized and comfy, right? I always end up wearing a hoody too and from the gym and my current fave is Jack Wills. I always go for men’s hoodies as they’re longer and much like with my trainers, I buy them from the Jack Wills outlet as they can be fairly expensive full price. But when they’re down to around £30, it’s a bargain for a good quality hoody that will transition from gym days to office hangovers. (What can I say, Dry January didn’t work for me).

Sports bra
Another absolute essential and as a gal with small boobs, I’m really lucky that I can get away with cheaper crop tops. USA Pro is my go-to brand as it’s the only reasonably priced, non-wired crop top I’ve found that’s lightly padded so that you’re not showing the world your nipples but not removable pads which you have to rearrange every time you wash it (ain’t nobody got time for that).

I’m permanently on the lookout for new weightlifting gloves as mine are fairly battered and it only takes a few sessions without them before my hands start getting ripped to shreds by the bars at my gym. A new gym towel is also an absolute must as there’s nothing like getting halfway through a cardio workout and realising you’re sweating off your eyebrows. 

I know everyone wants to be a cool kid and rock up to the gym in head to toe Sweaty Betty but as I’m unwilling to spend £70 on something to sweat in, I stick to Karrimor leggings which cost around £7. These ones are my absolute faves as they’re thick, have silicone strips around the bottom so they actually stay on your calves rather than rolling up round your knees and have a tie waist so they stay above your hips for the duration of a workout.

Again, I’m a brand snob, but I always wear Nike trainers as I was assessed for running trainers and was told that I needed a neutral shoe like the Nike Zoom Vomero. I’d really recommend heading to a running shop to get fitted for trainers before you run anywhere as they can advise on the support you need. I end up buying most of my trainers either online in the sale or from the Nike outlet as the majority of the time, it’s only the colour that changes.

So that's what is in my gym bag right now, what's in yours? Let me know in the comments!

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