Money Saving in 2018*

Surely I’m not the only one who went a little over budget during the festive period and now has a bloody long January ahead of them? I was a little bit sensible this year in that when I got paid before Christmas, I transferred my wages out of my account until when my actual payday would have been but I’m still left with that oh Lord January will be a struggle feel. Honestly, I’m going to be living the student lifestyle of beans on toast before the month is out.

Cash Lady challenged me to come up with some ideas to help me save some dollar in 2018 (which y’know, I need to be putting into practice ASAP) so here’s what I came up with. Hit me up in the comments with any other money saving tips as God knows I need them right now.

Attempted Dry/Damp/Moist January... and for the rest of the year
When I first started writing money saving ideas down for this post, I was filled with great ideas and motivation, including a little pledge to myself to have a few sober weeks (aside from my sister’s birthday weekend and LOL I cannot handle her drunken state without a prosecco or six). Needless to say, four days into the new year and I was drinking wine. My bad. But anyway, cutting down on booze in 2018 is a plan for me as it gets expensive. In fact, it only takes a few G&Ts before I think I’m ballin’, throw caution to the wind, go wild on contactless and end the night contributing to the profits of my local Dominos. Cutting back on the ‘oh I’ll only go for one, shit it’s 2am’ nights out after work will do wonders for my bank balance. And liver. And arteries.

Saying see ya to Uber
When you live a minimum fair away from town, £3 never seems like much when you’re freezing cold and just want to get home but it does add up. Wrapping up for the walk home is a sure fire way to help me get more steps in and stop wasting cash for the sake of a 20 minute walk and a cold nose.

Convenience food
Well, it’s just that isn’t it? Convenient. I want to get more organised with my meals anyway as nobody can kid themselves that a meal deal holds much nutritional value, so I want to get back into taking home made food to work and coming home and cooking rather than picking up something quick and processed on the way back. *Stares guiltily at the plate which I ate a Barburrito off a mere 14 hours ago*. It’s a waste of money and dear Lord I could do with some fresh vegetables in my life.

Doing free/cheap stuff
If I decide to spend a few hours in town killing time on a weekend, it easily turns into a little sale purchase as treat yo’self, a Starbucks (with cake, obvs) and probably some of the aforementioned convenience food and suddenly you’ve dropped £30 on absolute shit. By doing things which are free such as going for a walk in the local park (I mean, maybe not my actual local park as it’s a bit dodge and you might get stabbed) or taking a book that’s been on your to be read pile all year to a local coffee shop and spending the afternoon reading is one hell of a lot cheaper than an accidental splurge in New Look.

Stay in instead of going out
Brunch is my favourite meal of the day and hosting it is a far cheaper option than going out for it. Firstly you don’t actually have to go anywhere, secondly you’ll need to spend a good few hours tidying for your guests and that’s also a free (albeit less fun) activity, and thirdly, it will cost a fraction of the price. The press regularly tells us all that if millenials gave up going out for avo on toast then they’d be able to afford houses and whilst I don’t think hosting brunch will nudge you up the property ladder, it will be a little cheaper. In Leeds, it’s easy to spend £8-10 on a brunch dish, £3 on a cold drink to go with it and another £3 on a hot drink after. Add onto that any travel costs and spontaneous purchases in town and suddenly buying a couple of avocados, eggs and a loaf of tiger bread (the best bread ever, don’t even try to convince me otherwise) seems a whole lot cheaper.

Use what you pay for
Netflix, gym memberships, even your WiFi, utilise it all to keep yourself entertained. I have a Netflix account which is used by at least four other parasites friends so I feel like spending £8 a month on it means it’s definitely worth it but I don’t use it myself as often as I should. Likewise my gym membership, that’s a paid for activity which can easily take up a full morning on a weekend if you include the walk there and back plus hair wash and pamper time afterwards. I’ve also used Audible a lot over the last year, restarting and cancelling when I want a credit for a new book, so there’s plenty of media out there to keep you entertained.

*This post was written in collaboration with Cash Lady but as ever, all thoughts, opinions, lack of will power when it comes to Dry January and addictions to avocado on toast are my own.

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