Lunchtime dreaming with Trinity Kitchen

Trinity Kitchen Leeds
Trinity Kitchen Leeds

If you work in Leeds city centre, you’re pretty spoilt for choice when it comes to lunchtime options and oh my days my bank balance has taken a battering since I started working in town! It’s not hard to find something delicious on the days when a meal deal just ain’t cutting it and Trinity Kitchen is one of my favourite places to stop by for food.

For those reading this and wondering what the hell Trinity Kitchen is, it’s a food court located in the Trinity Shopping centre in the middle of Leeds, but it’s far from your average pitstop for lunch. Rather than being full of chains like the majority of shopping destinations, Trinity Kitchen is home to street food vendors, some who are permanent residents like Pho, Chicago Rib Shack and Pizza Luxe, and others who come in on a 6-8 week rotation. Essentially, you have your old faithfuls who are there every time (Tortilla is normally my go-to as burritos = life), and then a massive space where new food trucks come in.

Since I’ve been in Leeds, I’ve definitely had a few absolute faves in Trinity Kitchen including The Baking Biker, which is when I had my first ever Crème Egg Scotch Egg, and Thai Khrim who do ice cream rolls, but this time round, I’m all about the savoury options.

I was invited down to Trinity Kitchen to try out the new offerings and I took two of my friends from work, Maz and Hollie, with me. We had a £20 budget between us and ended up spending a grand total of £21 on three lunches – not bad for a treat lunch!

Trinity Kitchen Leeds

They were both set on Mr D’s Magical Pie Machine which is exactly what you’d expect – both magical and sells pies. For £6 each, they got a pie, mash and gravy. Hollie went for the pork and chilli pie and Maz opted for pork and apple, both of which went down a treat. Mr D’s has a whole load of different flavours and they’re served through a hatch in the side of the truck. The truck itself is like something you’d imagine being in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, if Wonka decided to branch out into the pastry market. Know what I mean?

Trinity Kitchen Leeds

I headed to Trough Food which specialises in pulled pork. I feel like pulled pork was a massive trend back in about 2015 but for me, I’m just not over it. It’s honestly my fave. I had pulled pork on mac and cheese (another trend I’m 100% down with), and it was the cheesy, carby dream that I needed on a slightly hungover Friday. (In case anyone wanted an update on my Dry January, it went to shit on day four). For £7, I got a massive box of creamy mac and cheese, topped with pulled pork, topped with more cheese and drizzled with BBQ sauce. It’s pretty fabulous.

Trinity Kitchen Leeds

Overall, I’d definitely recommend heading to Trinity Kitchen if you’re in the Leeds area as the current vendors are absolutely banging. Also, by going there, you’re supporting independents so your lunch comes with a side order of good karma which is always a plus!

Have you ever been to Trinity Kitchen? Do you fancy meeting me for a lunch date? Let me know in the comments!

Trinity Kitchen - Leeds, January line up

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  1. I've only ever been to Trinity Kitchen a couple of times but every time I've eaten like a king! x