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I didn’t choose the blog life, the blog life chose me. Yep, I think I just hit peak cringe right there. I don’t want to sound like a dickhead but blogging makes you see life differently, especially when you’re working/studying/hustling/desperately trying to pay your bills etc. When you’re wrapped up in a world of content, suddenly everything is an opportunity, which means finding the balance can be a little tricky. I guess it’s out of passion that I find switching off from both blog life and work life at the same time pretty damn difficult.

Recently I met some of my absolute 10/10, A* blogger babes for an afternoon of talks with Ice Lolly – almost like a conference but with wine and outfit shots. Needless to say, it was the best afternoon. Of the three talks of the day, Bee from Queen Beady really resonated with me as she discussed how to grow your blog whilst working full time too and this is something I’ve definitely struggled with. I mean, the four months of the year where you don’t see any daylight hours midweek as you’re in the office? I feel ya, the struggle is real.

I wanted to share some of Bee’s tips and then some of my own as there’s a lot to be said about trying to grow both your blog and your career at the same time. I for one don’t have my heart set on world/Instagram domination but Bee is like the Yoda of the grid (her insta is here) with her wise ways and has a killer blog so I was desperate to take on board every single damn word:

  • Use your lunch hour. It’s so easy to work through your lunch, head out into town shopping, run errands or simply sit and gossip during your lunch hour but even if it’s just a couple of times a week, that could be time spent brainstorming new ideas, writing up content or even shooting Instagram photos. An hour walking around near your workplace on a sunny day could result in a fair few decent filler photos for when you’re low on grid content.
  • Work flexi if you can. This isn’t something I personally do but getting up and into work an hour earlier can leave you with an extra hour of daylight for outfit shots during the colder months, or simply more time of an evening to write your content in peace.
  • Bulk shoot photos. Think every outfit photo you see from a blogger is taken on a different day? Think again. Fashion bloggers will shoot multiple looks on the same day, simply changing in the car and driving to a new location. It’s productive and you only have to style your hair once. Winning.

There’s a lot I want to do to grow my blog this year, primarily in my content as I really want to fall back in love with the content I’m producing. Whilst I’ve never published anything I’m not happy with, I miss the spontaneous, reactive and spur of the moment content that I used to write far more frequently than I do now – and perhaps using my time better will mean more of that can happen.

I also want to use my work time productively and spend more lunchbreaks simply consuming content from bloggers I adore. I find the more content I watch and read, the more creative I am both personally and professionally so it’s a win win situation. I’m an early riser and I think kicking myself out the door a little earlier and heading for a pre-work brew in a cafe, with a notebook in hand, will help me set aside productive ideation time for my content too.

Ultimately what I’ve taken away from both Bee’s talk and my own thoughts afterwards that it’s not about trying to make time for my blog or cut back on other things, it’s about using my time better to make sure I achieve all of my goals both in and out of work.

So, how do you feel about your life balance? Do you have it down or are you in need of a shift? Let me know in the comments.


  1. I am appalling at finding the right balance, having a 1/2 lunch and not been able to work flexi I find that I struggle for day light hours in the winter. A saturday or a sunday morning I try and make time blog and catch up on life but even then I sometimes choose netflix instead.

    If you find the secret formula please let me know!

    Michelle x

  2. Great post and words Lizi.
    I couldn't agree more. BATB stirred a few thoughts, whilst there and afterwards. And reading other blogs is always good for the writer, but also always helps to inspire.