What 2017 has taught me

Patisserie Valerie Rudolph Cake

As I type this, I’m sat in my living room on the 3rd December and I’ve just eaten the biggest piece of Rudolph cake which I bought from Patisserie Valerie in town earlier specifically to Instagram. The sugar crash should hit in approximately 15 minutes. Excellent.

2017 has been a pretty crazy year and here’s what it has taught me.

Sometimes you need to take the risk
Earlier this year I’d begun to keep half an eye open on the job market in Leeds as after three years working at the same agency, I was getting itchy feet and wanted a new challenge. This year I made my first career move and it wasn’t until it happened that I realised how much a new job really does turn your world upside down. I didn’t quite anticipate what an absolute mindfuck it is to go from somewhere so familiar to a new office, being surrounded by new people and a totally different day to day role. Now I’ve settled in, got to know people and been immersed in my job, I know that I definitely made the right decision and I’m absolutely loving it. In less than 6 months, I’ve learned so much and it’s made me even more passionate about what I do.

Surround yourself with the best people
I’m ending 2017 with the strongest friendship group I’ve ever had. This might sound like a mega-brag but I’m the definition of #blessed when it comes to the people I have around me right now. I’ve always had the close support network of my friends from childhood, more recent friends from university and work and now a group of women who have gone from internet friends to real life friends. Earlier this year, I went for a Sunday lunch with some bloggers and one of the girls decided to make a Whatsapp group as at the time she was feeling a bit lonely living in London. I’ll forever be grateful to her for doing that as I’m now so close to a group of likeminded women that I speak to daily.

Acknowledging your mental health is really fucking important
I’m not someone who has any diagnosed mental health issues but this year has definitely taught me to notice and nurture my mental health. Earlier this year, I wasn’t in the most desirable of places when I came off the contraceptive injection and spent a couple of months feeling like I’d gone absolutely round the twist but it definitely made me very aware of what I was thinking and feeling. It taught me that moods, emotions and feelings, whether they’re positive or negative, are moments and moments are not permanent. This way of thinking helped me to visualise what I was feeling and to accept that it was there but also that it would leave.

Do more of what makes you happy
Though I’m far from being your spontaneous, thrill seeking kinda gal, I’ve definitely developed more of a fuck it attitude in the last year. I’ve had the New Years Resolution of ‘do more fun stuff’ for the last couple of years and this year I’ve found myself confidently saying yes to more and more. From little things like saying ‘let’s go for dinner sometime’ and putting a date in the diary then and there to getting on a train to a different city and exploring it, I feel like I’ve done more day to day fun things than ever before.

Well, that all got a bit deep didn’t it? That’s what 2017 has taught me, tell me your recent life lessons in the comments.


  1. Honestly starting the Whatsapp group is the best idea I've had in 2017 <3 you girls!!

  2. Also loving the Whatsapp group.And very proud you took the scary jump into the new job!