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It’s a tough time when real life gets in the way of just jumping on a plane. I’m definitely getting itchy feet and wanting to explore more and whilst funds are limiting me to UK excursions, a girl can dream, right? America is pretty high up on my bucketlist and whilst scenes of New York seem to be filling my Instagram feed right now, it’s the state of Colorado which I’m feeling particularly drawn to. I think it’s something about the time of year that’s making me crave open spaces over city life as whilst I love living so close to a big city, that need to escape is hitting me hard over the winter months.

I’d definitely want to be staying somewhere a little fancy on a trip like this and there are plenty of Colorado luxury homes to choose from which are so unbelievable Instagammable that it’s 100% worth the investment. I mean, who wouldn’t want to stay in a rustic lodge in the mountains with an open fire? Absolute dream.

Colorado is home to the Rocky Mountains and whilst I’m not exactly the girl you’ll see hiking for fun, the thought of those scenes with a camera in hand is pretty much every blogger’s dream. The two tallest peaks are Mount Elbert and Mount Massive (aptly named!) and can be seen from the ‘Top of the Rockies’ which passes through the Rocky Mountain National Park – can you even imagine hiring a Jeep and driving through there? That would be so cool! It would be even cooler on the back of a Harley but let’s be honest, I’d need to find myself a biker to take me. (Again, a girl can dream). There are so many routes to take but it would be the ultimate road trip and let’s face it, that kind of setting would be the perfect backdrop to outfit photos – yes, I know, typical blogger priorities right there.

Another experience on my travel to do list is to go somewhere which has a hot air balloon festival and my recent research into Colorado led me to discover that Pagosa Springs hosts one annually. And you can watch it whilst sat in an outdoor natural spring pool. Can we just take a moment to picture the scene?! That’s pretty much two bucketlist items ticked off in one for me as going to an outdoor spring is on there but I assumed it would take a chilly trip to Iceland for that one. I’m actually a little fearful of natural bodies of water (can you believe I’ve got to 25 ½ and have never swum in the sea?!) so I think that pools which are heated from the natural springs would be a little step towards me overcoming that fear as well as being a totally surreal experience in that setting. In fact, it would be at any time of year as hot springs whilst the snow falls around you would be insane in winter.

Colorado in general is the perfect place to be over winter too (even if it would mean missing the hot air balloon festival which is in September time, sob) as the mountains offer up a whole load of cool activities across the state. I don’t think skiing and snowboarding would be for me (though maybe if I was there, I’d be tempted to try a beginners class?), but ice skating I’m definitely down for. I mean, I managed to stop clinging to the side when I last went as a teenager and I’m sure that skill will definitely come back to me. 100% sure. Something I’ve never seen before is ‘snowtubing’ which is a little like going down a waterslide in a rubber ring but instead you go skidding down a mountain. I mean, what could possibly go wrong for my accident prone self? LOL. It looks like the kind of adrenalin fuelled activity I could definitely get on board with though as it would be so fun and definitely something different. I think that’s why I’m so inclined to go somewhere that not everyone is hyping about as it’s a new experience and let’s be honest, some people post so much of their holiday on Instagram that I feel like I’ve already experienced it.

If I went all that way to America, I’d definitely start missing the city after a while so Denver would definitely be on the list. Let’s be honest, no girl is making a trip to the states without hitting Sephora, am I right? There are plenty of malls and shopping outlets there to make anyone concerned about hitting the baggage restrictions (sacrifices need to be made) and plenty of boutiques too so taking home something a little different shouldn’t be too hard either. There are also a fair few urban spas in downtown Denver which I’d absolutely be checking out as there’s nothing I love more than that feeling of stepping out of the hustle and bustle of the city to have a massage or facial, before going back into the city feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. It’s something I love doing at home in Leeds and definitely something which I’d look into doing abroad to see how it compares.

Now that I’ve sat down and written about everything I want to do in Colorado, I think it’s time to open a new savings account and start trying to put a plan into action as the wanderlust which has hit me is getting a little unbearable. What’s your next travel plan? Let me know in the comments!

*This post has been written in collaboration with Luxury Retreats but all thoughts, words and travel dreams are my own.

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