Top three Christmas chick lit reads

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Christmas Chick Lit

Hi, my name is Lizi and I love chick lit. Yeah, I know, it’s one of those things where you get frowned upon for admitting that on the internet, but what can I say, I love books where I can relate to the characters and a happy ending. I mean, I love other books too but I don’t really connect with Harry Potter on the same level, what with him being a boy wizard and on a mission to defeat Voldemort and me being a 25 year old social media manager from Yorkshire. Know what I mean? Sometimes you just want something that’s a little more on your level, that’s not a whole new world.

In the run up to Christmas (ie, any time from October onwards), I love a festive read so I wanted to share my top three books which are all set around the most wonderful time of the year.

I picked this up back when I was at university. When I was studying, if I ever felt homesick I used to go to Waterstones and get a new book to cheer myself up and I actually bought this one having only read one of Milly Johnson’s books in the past as she happened to be there doing a signing that day. A Winter Flame tells the story of how Eve, who hates Christmas, inherits a winter theme park from her elderly aunt and her journey to turn the plans into reality. Having  read all of Milly Johnson’s books now, I really enjoy how characters cross over as it’s almost like finding out how they’re getting on in the future.

I don’t know whether this is my former retail worker coming out in me or what but this book by Ali Harris details how Evie, the ‘stockroom girl’ of a failing Regent Street department store enlists the help of the ‘invisible staff’, who the rest of the team don’t acknowledge, to transform it in time for Christmas. This is definitely a feel-good easy read and the type of thing to get your nose stuck into with a big cup of tea and a mince pie.

This is my more romantic pick as it’s the tale of how two blue bags, bought by two men for their girlfriends, were switched by accident.  With one containing an engagement ring and the other a charm bracelet, not only does it put both men in a difficult situation when the white ribbons are undone but the story is about how they go about switching them back and how their lives change in the process. It’s definitely a little unrealistic but filled with romance and one where I found myself getting in the heads of the characters.

So tell me, are you a chick lit fan? Or would you sigh if you saw the number of pastel coloured paperbacks on my bookshelf? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. Milly johnstone is from Barnsley and sets most of her books there! My mum is obsessed with her lol I've only read one but it was pretty funny and ii loved that I knew where all the Barnsley references in her books where