Small gift Christmas gift guide

Small gift Christmas gift guide
Small gift Christmas gift guide flatlay

Oh here we are with a Christmas gift guide. I’m quite lucky in that the people I buy for at Christmas just tell me what they want specifically, but I do like to get a few little extra presents as it’s nice to have little things to open, don’t you think? Christmas in the Legge household is a pretty small affair as there’s just the three of us on the big day itself meaning we can make our own traditions. Traditions like my sister eating a chocolate orange in 7 minutes whilst still in bed or heading over to Scarbvegas/Scarbados/Scarbs for a beach walk on Christmas morning with our own icecream. FYI, nowhere is open to buy icecream at the beach on Christmas day and every year people stop to ask us where we got ours from – it’s a BYOIC situation.

One of our newer traditions from the last few years is to bin off crackers and have table gifts instead. We each have one of those tubes that you put a bottle of wine in when you’re giving it as a gift and we fill them with small presents for each other. I’ve put together a list of ideas for this type of present but really this guide doubles up as some inspo for stocking fillers or secret santa. Enjoy!

1. Alcohol miniatures. Well, what did you honestly expect from me? I really like the miniatures which Demijohn do as they come in a cute corked bottle with the spirit hand written on it. They do have a full range of gifts including personalised bottles too (if anyone wants to buy me one, I’ll take anything gin) which are gorgeous, but the small ones are perfect for a stocking filler too.

2. Toiletries. I appreciate this could be seen as being a little generic but it’s actually seriously handy as we all end up travelling all over the place at Christmas and have probably forgotten something anyway. I’m a big fan of The Body Shop for miniatures as there’s so much choice in terms of scent (give me anything from the Frosted Berries collection and I’m yours) plus they’re a nice size for a few days away – let’s face it, nobody likes going to stay at someone’s house only to find that they use some weird smelling shower gel.

3. Anything with a star sign on it. Does everyone remember 2016 Lizi who had an absolutely manic obsession with everything with initials on it? Yeah, that’s been replaced by star signs this year. We’re talking mugs, necklaces, basically anything and it’s a little personal touch to show that not only have you had a little look on Facebook to check when their birthday is but then you’ve gone on to Google what star sign it equates too and if that’s not thoughtful, I don’t know what is.  

4. A journal. Whilst I love going wild in Paperchase, I know most people already have about a billion notebooks, and a one line a day journal is a more thoughtful gift. I got mine last year and started filling it in from January first (I’m surprised I’ve kept it up this long!) and this one has a page for every day of the year, split into five sections so you can keep the same one for five years.

5. Nail polish. I think it’s a sign that you know someone well if you can choose a nail polish that they’ll love, right? I’m personally a massive fan of blue and green, even over the festive season and my go to is always Barry M – yes, that might make me sound like I’m 15 but the Gelly Hi-Shine polishes are honestly the best I’ve used and they come in at about £3.99.

6. The best book you’ve read that year (as long as you both have similar tastes!). Reading is such therapy to me, so giving the gift of books is fairly sentimental – especially when buying gifts for children as it was such a big part of my own childhood. This year, though I haven’t read as much as I’d have liked, I really enjoyed Wilde Like Me by Louise Pentland, so that would definitely be on my list of books to gift.

So, that’s a small gift, gift guide for this year, what else would you add to it? Do you have any ideas for things I should be buying? Let me know in the comments!

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