My travel bucketlist

Travel bucketlist
central park

I’ll confess now, I’m not a traveller as such. I’m a holiday gal. In fact, I’ll even narrow that one down a little further and say that I’m a city break kinda gal. As a solo holidaymaker with a painfully short attention span, I go away and need to keep myself entertained. I want to see everything, do everything and pack it into a few days as hotels can be hella expensive when you’re by yourself. Oh the struggles of being a single gal wanting to go on holiday but too much of a snob to stay in a hostel. Sigh.

Destinations2 challenged me to write my travel bucketlist and it got me thinking about where in the world I want to visit and why. Here are my thoughts.

I mean, it’s a beautiful place and would look incredible on my Instagram but let’s be honest, I’m there for the food. I think this is one of those places where I’d actually want to take someone with me as spending a week smashing tequila by yourself could be the sign of a problem, but I think this would be an amazing holiday. I want to try authentic Mexican food (rather than my own homemade version courtesy of Old El Paso), eat guacamole every God damn day and drink tequila sunrises until the sun sets. Is that really too much to ask?

New York
I’ve been to New York before but I was 18 and all I gave a shit about was shopping, so I want to go back and do it properly. I want to go there and feel like I’ve learned something, whereas last time all I learned was the medium brown bags from Bloomingdales are massively overrated. I’d like to go to Ground Zero as I didn’t when I first went and I feel like I need to pay respect to it. I also want to go and discover more of the city that’s perhaps a bit more off the tourist track and get a feel for it, rather than go from attraction to attraction.

This is a place which I’m really curious to visit simply because it’s such a world away from life in Leeds. I want to see the places which you see on Instagram and find out if it’s as glossy in real life, which I strongly suspect it is in a place like Dubai. Also, the dream would be going to the hotel which has an aquarium as who doesn’t bloody love an aquarium?

I won’t lie, I’m basing this on what I’ve seen on Instagram alone, but Bali looks absolutely bloody beautiful. I appreciate this is probably a surprising addition to my bucketlist for anyone who knows me well as I’m the least outdoorsy person ever, but the thought of being in the middle of a rainforest in a downpour (which happens pretty much every day there) really appeals to me. Is that weird? Am I romanticising getting drenched on holiday? Who knows. It looks like true escapism and that’s what I think I need in a holiday.

A little closer to home but I really want to go on an apr├Ęs ski holiday. I mean, I don’t really fancy the skiing bit as let’s face it, I’m not quite the throwing yourself down a mountain type of gal, but sitting in a lodge, halfway up a snowy mountain, wearing a Christmas jumper and drinking a hot chocolate is my idea of bliss. I mean, if I was there I’d maybe book onto the beginners class just to say that I did try and learn to ski but I’m all about the cosy mountain lodge feels.

So there we have it, that’s my travel bucket list. Thank you to Destinations2 who got me thinking about where I want to go in the world and for prompting me to start some serious saving to get me there! Where is on your travel bucketlist? Let me know in the comments.

*This post was written in collaboration with Destinations2 but all thoughts, feels, cosy vibes, wanderlust and holiday dreams are my own.


  1. I really want to do Dubai too, so many photo ops!

  2. Dubai is... absolutely like you think it is. When I was little, my aunt worked out there and going out to visit was nothing like it is today. It's almost as if they built the whole place between then and now that my sister lives there. Not my favourite place in the world, but definitely worth a visit if only for the spectacle!

    Lis / last year's girl x

  3. You definitely need to make New York number one on that list. I feel, like myself, you have unresolved issues with it. Though I'm sure, no matter how many times you go there'll always be something new to see and do.


  4. New York is definitely on my list - I don't think its on the cards for me this year sadly but hopefully before too long!