2017: The resolutions round up

The resolutions round up
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For the last four years I’ve been writing up my resolutions for the next year on my blog and each time, I’ve written a post at the end of the year checking in on how they all went. And this year is no different! Here’s how I got on with my 2017 resolutions.

Arrange more fun stuff
I’ve definitely done this! Another year has gone by where I can confidently look back and say that yes, I’ve made a conscious effort to give myself things to look forward to. I’ve been to see a load of gigs, a few comedy shows, had a couple of UK city breaks and back in February headed to Amsterdam. Along the way I’ve spent time with some incredible friends, had some incredible nights out and attended so many blogger events that I’ve lost count. To be totally honest, I think I nailed this one.

Do the fitness thing... better
I’ll be honest, this one did not go to plan. I started the year feeling motivated, then had all of my confidence knocked out of me by an eight week gym challenge earlier in the year which was quite frankly a shitstorm, joined a new gym, went back to my old gym and throughout all of that lost any love I had for exercise. Slowly but  surely I’m getting back into doing the odd session but I’m nowhere near the levels of strength of fitness that I was last year which is a shame, but not irreversible.

No more comparing successes
I think this is something I’ve definitely got better at, especially in the latter part of the year. I’ve developed more of a ‘fuck it’ attitude and have spent more time carving my own path than worrying about everyone else’s. I must admit, it’s a better place to be.

Be happier
Another resolution that’s hit and miss! There have definitely been times this year where I’ve struggled more than I’d have liked, but on the whole, I’m definitely more conscious of my mental health than I ever have been before. I’ve never been a particularly anxious person but this year I’ve noticed this feeling creeping in, though this is very much anxious as in the emotion, not anxiety as in the illness. In 2016 and 2017, I definitely struggled with the winter blues and touch wood, this year has been a significant improvement, as I only noticed my mood dipping and the anxious feelings perking up in mid December whereas during the last two years it’s been early to mid October. So whilst it’s not ideal, it’s definitely been a massive improvement! I’m definitely happier on the whole though as I’m ending the year in a job I love and with a solid support network around me.

Give something back
I’ve tried to do this but there’s always room for improvement when you’re spreading the love, right? I’ve only done one blood donation which isn’t as many as I’d have liked but I did enquire about platelet donation at the time and it turns out I’m not eligible. (Apparently my veins are the only part of me which aren’t chunky and therefore makes donations difficult). I’ve also tried to pay forward kindness as and when I can, through buying food for the homeless, sponsoring friends and sending little gifts to friends, but I think everyone can do more of that type of thing can’t they!

Stop waiting around for things
I think this is the biggest lifestyle change for me as I moved into my (now not so new) job back in July. This was a massive deal as it’s my first big career move but it does go to show that waiting around doesn’t get you what you want, just doing it does. I’ve definitely had a more proactive year and that’s an attitude I want to take with me into 2018 as it’s done me good so far.

So that’s my resolutions round up! Let me know in the comments how you’ve got on with yours. 

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