Wine tasting with Veeno

Wine tasting with Veeno
Veeno Leeds

It will come as no shock to anyone that I’m a wine fan, mainly as I seem to have a glass in hand in one hell of a lot of my selfies – what can I say, I’m a cliché. I didn’t start drinking wine until I moved to Leeds and realised it was time to leave my vodka and diet coke days behind me. Like with a lot of things, there’s definitely trial and error involved in finding drinks that you like when you don’t know much about it but I’ve found that doing wine tastings has really helped me know what to look for on menus – for example, I know that I prefer Sauvignon Blanc to Chardonnay or Pinot Grigio – and it means you don’t end up saying ‘oh no, you choose’ and ending up with something you’re not keen on.

I was recently invited to do a wine tasting at Veeno and absolutely jumped at the chance as I’ve heard really good things from a few friends from work about both the wine and the food that it’s paired with. I took my friend Juan with me, and he actually guest-blogged about it on our friend Hayley’s blog, Prawnstar Martini – if you’re into foodie content, check her out.

Veeno Leeds wine tasting

We did the Selezione’ Wine Tasting which is £26.90 per person and with that, we tried six Italian wines, two white, two red, one rose and one sweet wine, with a board of meats and cheeses, plus tiramisu. Throughout the tasting, a member of the Veeno staff will explain each wine to you and which food to pair it with.

Veeno Leeds wine tasting cheese and meat board

We started with the Grecanico white wine which was fruity and paired with mozzarella cheese. I really enjoyed this wine as I felt that it was fruity and refreshing but not too over-powering. It is described as a mid-dry white wine which is definitely to my tastes personally. The second white we tried, I preferred was the Inzolia wine which is the fruitiest white on the menu and this was paired with a much stronger cheese so it was the perfect balance of sweet and salty flavours.

We moved onto the rose wine which was the Tasari, and paired this with speck ham. I must admit, I surprised myself when I liked this as my rose days date back to trying to force myself into liking wine at university, when needless to say, I wasn’t too fussed about the flavour. I’d definitely drink this again though as it’s very fruity and would make a perfect summer drink.

Veeno Leeds wine tasting cheese and meat board

Red wine is a bit of a minefield for me as a few bad experiences aged 17 has ruined it for me until now, but I’m desperate to appreciate it, especially with the right food. The Perricone red was my favourite out of the two, and it was paired with cured beef. I couldn’t believe how much the right pairing of food can alter the flavour of the wine and I could really taste the undertones of red fruits and liquorice. The second red we tried was Veeno’s best seller, the Nero d’Avola, but we agreed with our wine expert Angelica that the Perricone was better. This wine was paired with a soft blue cheese which complimented the oaky flavour of the wine.

Veeno Leeds wine tasting dessert wine

Veeno Leeds wine tasting tiramisu

We finished the evening with a dessert wine and tiramisu. I must admit, I’m not a big fan of tiramisu but I could definitely appreciate that this one would be delicious if you’re a coffee drinker (luckily Juan loved it so it didn’t go to waste!). This was paired with a dessert wine that was incredibly sweet but I really enjoyed it more than I expected and together, it complements the creaminess of the dessert.

Overall, I’d absolutely recommend heading to Veeno for a wine tasting. The sharing board of food really adds to the experience and it’s definitely good value for money. I always find that I learn something new when I do a wine tasting, but this has been the best for making me really appreciate how important the pairing of wine to food is – plus who could honestly be disappointed by a board filled with such delicious meats, breads and cheeses?

What’s your wine of choice? Let me know in the comments.

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