The Solo Project #12 - London

Solo london trip
I’d always class myself as a city gal, but as a hardened Northerner, London is a new level for me. Every time I go, I absolutely adore the buzz of the capital, the fact that there’s always something exciting going on and how everything is the bigger, better and shinier version of everywhere else. I also love the feeling of getting on the train home and back to a magical place
called Leeds where you can get a glass of wine for less than a fiver. Oh and London makes my skin break out. Sigh.

I’ve been to London by myself a couple of times in the past but this time, I was there for an entirely self-indulgent night away. Well over a year ago, I booked tickets to go see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, and as I was seeing both parts in a day, I decided to stay over as it would be a late finish, then my mum got me a ticket to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour for Christmas, so I could have a truly nerdy couple of days.

Here are the key bits which I loved/hated/struggled with on my solo trip.

Navigating London
I’m fine with tubes, I can use them easily enough and make it to the right destination but having always lived up north, it’s still a little unfamiliar to me so I tend to plan my route in advance, in as much detail as I can. Just y’know, so I don’t end up going in the wrong direction. I actually find it more stressful to travel around London with other people as I’m definitely on a mission and can’t be doing with other people faffing on. (I can just imagine Londoners reading this and eye-rolling at my Northern attitude to the underground).

leicester square tube map

Where I stayed
London is a bitch for hotel prices as a single person as I hate sleeping in single beds, and yet prices are sky high for a single person who likes to starfish. I luckily got a great deal on a hotel room as I booked the Ibis Styles at Kensington via Secret Escapes for £95, including continental breakfast. The room was clean, secure, I could leave my luggage with reception whilst I was out during the day and it was close to Earl’s Court tube station, meaning it was a quick walk back when I got back late.

ibis styles london kensington

Going to the theatre
I absolutely loved Harry Potter and The Cursed Child! No spoilers from me, but it was actually magic and easily the best production I’ve seen on stage. I’ve never been so moved to tears and nor have I seen a standing ovation in a theatre before. I did think I might feel a little self conscious going by myself but as I was sat on the end of a row, it didn’t bother me too much, especially once the lights went down. In fact, the only cringe moment was having my bag searched and the security guy looking through the sheer amount of Disney stuff I had on me to give to the blogger gals I was meeting in between the plays for dinner.

harry potter and the cursed child ticket

A cheeky Nandos
Not so solo, but I met three of my blogger gals and one of my friends from Leeds for dinner in between the plays. I must admit, that whilst I don’t mind dining alone, it’s definitely more fun with other people, especially after spending the rest of the day by myself. It was so lovely to see Hayley, Haydy, Kariss and Faiz and catch up with them for a couple of hours.

Blogger selfie in nandos

So, that’s my solo trip to London, would you explore the capital by yourself?


  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend! I love going to London, and totally agree with you that navigating the tube by yourself is actually much easier!!!

    Suitcase and Sandals Blog XX

  2. I think we got out Cursed Child tickets on the same day and this week its FINALLY time for me to go see it! Absolutey cant wait - especially now you've said how good it was! x