The Dine Taste Test

The Dine Taste Test
Dine Venues The Mansion Leeds table centre

Luxury dining opportunities are definitely one of the biggest perks of blogging and I was so excited to be invited to attend an ambassador’s dinner with Dine Events at their flagship venue, The Mansion at Roundhay Park in Leeds. Having attended one of their events in the past, I knew I was in for a fantastic evening with brilliant company. The dinner was the night I got back from London, so after a quick turnaround to freshen up and change, I headed to The Mansion for the evening.

Dine Venues The Mansion Leeds Champagne glasses

We were greeted with glasses of fizz and some delicious canapés. I love the attention to detail with the presentation of their canapés as it shows how they’d be perfect to cater for a big event like a wedding or corporate do. My favourites were the wild mushroom aranchini and the fillet of beef rolled in pistachios. What more could a girl want than seriously rare meat and carby goodness? These are the types of canapés which taste as good as they look and definitely impressed us all.

Dine Venues The Mansion Leeds Canapes

Dine Venues The Mansion Leeds canapes

Dine Venues The Mansion Leeds Canapes

The group headed upstairs to one of the private dining rooms where around 20 of us were seated for dinner. As the evening was a ‘taste test’, we had a little quiz to do about the courses we ate, with the first question asking what was in the ravioli which was part of the starter. This course was called ‘Monkfish with flavours of the sea’ and consisted of monkfish, crispy seaweed, squid ink cracker, oyster ravioli (I guessed that one completely wrong!), scallop, cauliflower puree and seaweed oil. I’ve never been big into fish and seafood but both this event and the previous one I attended with Dine have really opened my eyes to how delicious it can be – though having it lovingly prepared by a professional chef must help that!

Dine Venues The Mansion Leeds bread roll

Dine Venues The Mansion Leeds Monkfish starter

Our main course was a duck dish - pan seared breast, confit leg & crispy wing, flavours of butternut squash, beetroot fondant, saffron Pomme chateau potatoes, baby courgette, heritage carrots, port reduction. We were asked to name the alcohol used in the reduction and once again, my guess was way off. I really enjoyed this course as I love duck but it’s one of those things I’d never cook for myself (unless, y’know, it comes in a spring roll), so this was a real treat. I’ve never had beetroot served hot before either as I usually have it in salads, so that was really nice to try too.

Dine Venues The Mansion Leeds Duck main

Dessert was of course my absolute favourite course as I have such a sweet tooth and it was made even better by being a trio of different desserts. The three desserts were a Dark Chocolate Tart, blackcurrant jelly with white chocolate mousse, Vanilla creamsicle with apple meringue dust. We were asked which fruit flavoured the meringue dust during this course on our quiz and we all got that one right as our host let slip – though I think I could have got that one! I loved the dark chocolate tart, it was so rich and melted in the mouth.

Dine Venues The Mansion Leeds trio of desserts

We rounded off the evening with a taste test of five white sorbets and it really showed how much we rely on colour to distinguish flavours! It turns out I’m really bad at guessing tastes, especially when everyone around you had an entirely different idea. I didn’t even come close to winning the quiz but we all had such a lovely evening. I really enjoyed getting dressed up and doing something different – dining with a twist like that really takes a dinner party to another level.

Dine Venues The Mansion Leeds sorbet tasting

How do you rate your tastebuds? Reckon you’d do better than me? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. I’m so sad I missed out on this! Everything sounds delicious, I’m so hungry x