The best and worst things about The Solo Project

The best and worst things about The Solo Project
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Since I started The Solo Project back in 2015, I’ve done a whole load of things by myself that I’ve really, really enjoyed, but it’s also made me realise that there are downsides. As ever, I want this blog to be my honest experience so here are the best and worst bits of going solo.

What other people think
Yes, I know, we shouldn’t be defined by what other people think, but I’ve definitely had a split reaction to The Solo Project. Some people think I’m clearly a weird loser with no friends, others think it’s a great idea that either they want to try themselves or already do on a regular basis. Hearing from other people that have read my blog and it’s given them the confidence to give going solo a try definitely makes it the most rewarding thing I’ve ever shared on here.

Photo opportunities
Whilst I’ve absolutely mastered the humble art of the selfie, I must admit, I do miss having someone to take photos with at landmarks. I mean, I’m definitely the only person who has been to the IAmsterdam sign and doesn’t have a photo of themselves sat on it. But at the same time, I have a habit which is irritating to non-bloggers as I take photos of everything, and when you’re by yourself, there’s nobody to complain that their food is getting cold!

It’s always going to be more expensive to go somewhere alone as there’s nobody with you to take advantage of splitting the cost of accommodation, travel and 241 deals with, but at the same time, it also means you don’t have to compromise on your budget. I’m definitely a trains and hotels, rather than coaches and hostels, kinda gal and when you’re by yourself, there’s nobody telling you that you’re wasting money. YAY.

Time saving
When you’re by yourself, you definitely get through things one hell of a lot faster in terms of attractions. If you’re going somewhere that has a recommended time to spend in there, by yourself you can cut it to a third as there’s zero faffing on and you don’t stand still for long. The plus side of this is definitely that you get so much more done in a day, the downside being that there’s a constant feeling of ‘what next’. When I’m by myself, whilst I’m more than happy to just mooch around a bit, having several hours without anything specific to do puts me on the default setting of ‘bored’, so I try and make sure I have loads of things to cram into a day.

So, they’re the best and worst things about going solo, let me know what you think in the comments.

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