My Amsterdam Bucket List

My Amsterdam Bucket List

When I went to Amsterdam earlier this year, I pretty much fell into the tourist trap, trying to do as much as I possibly could in the day and a half I had in the city. I went to museums, did a canal tour, went to the Anne Frank House and ate some delicious food, but now I’ve done even more research into it, I have an even longer list of things I want to do there. Amsterdam is the first place I’ve fallen in love with outside of the UK. I’m definitely the kind of person to click with places very quickly – I was in Huddersfield for about 20 minutes before I decided aged 17 that I’d be going to university there, and I always aspired to move to Leeds after spending time here as a student. But outside of the UK, Amsterdam is the first city I’ve been to where I’ve warmed to it enough to be desperate to come back.  Though I haven’t got another trip booked (yet!), here’s my bucket list of things I want to see and do the next time I go.

1. Visit during the spring. Amsterdam is famous for tulips and I was so disappointed by the flower market when I was there in February as quite frankly, bags of bulbs don’t work on the ‘gram. I imagine Amsterdam to be simply stunning at the right time of year – maybe it will have to be a birthday trip in April?

2. Go with friends. Solo travel is fantastic but there’s a social side to Amsterdam that I want to experience that is difficult to see when you’re by yourself – and by that I mean going for dinner and drinks rather than smashing the spacecakes as that isn’t my cup of tea.

3. Head to some more obscure museums. I did a lot of museums when I was there last time but they were the bigger ones so on my next trip I want to go to the torture/cheese/sex museums rather than Van Gogh and the like. I mean, I know a lot of people go to the sex museum but I thought I’d look like a right weirdo wandering round by myself and taking a selfie with a giant cock, so I gave it a miss on my solo trip.

4. Eat apple cake. I never did this! And y’know, this gal loves cake. 
5. Have a photo with the iAmsterdam sign. Don’t get me wrong, I nailed that selfie action when I was there (and I even managed to flip my camera so it wasn’t a mirror image), but it’s not the same as climbing on top of it like every other tourist.

6. Go to the Amsterdam Lookout. This is a really high building in Amsterdam where you can see some incredible views over the city and they have a swing which goes off the edge of the building. Who doesn’t want to do that?!

7. Visit the Avocado Cafe. What can I say, I’m basic AF.

So that’s my bucketlist for Amsterdam – is there anything else you think I should be adding? I took a lot of my inspo from Culture Trip so definitely check them out if you’re planning a trip.

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  1. I'd love to go in the Spring to see the tulips, they're my favourite flowers! I do love good obscure museum too :D