Goal setting and a five year plan

Five year plan
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It’s crazy to think how much things have changed in the last five years and it’s almost like dipping my toes into the unknown to think about where I’ll be in another half a decade. The last five years have seen me become an entirely different person, so I’ll definitely be interested to reflect on my mid-twenties when I hit the big 3-0 in five years time. At 20 I was grieving the sudden loss of my dad, juggling a degree and part time job and had absolutely no idea what I would do after leaving education. At 25, I’m working a career that I adore, living in a new city and have found my voice both on and offline. But where do I want to be at 30?

1. I want to have moved out. I love my city centre shoebox flat but moving up a ring on the property ladder in the next five years is most certainly on my radar.

2. Be in a better financial position. I want to be someone who has a chunk of savings that’s there, not just as a house or holiday fund, but just because. It’ll take a lot of hard work and saving but by 30 I would like to have some solid savings going on.

3. Fall in love. Oh I know, I was nearly sick in my mouth as I typed that too, but whether it’s Mr Right or Mr Right now, I’m at a point in my life where I’m ready for a little settling down. Is this the start of a whole new me who’s no longer as scared of commitment as I am of spiders? Maybe.

4. Travel further. I conquered my fear of flying with a few solo trips away but I’m desperate to go further afield. Once Trump is voted out/sacked/gets abducted by aliens, New York is absolutely a plan I’d like to make but I think I’ll have to win the Powerball Lottery before I afford the luxury trip I’m planning on Pinterest. Or y’know, I’ll have those savings that I’m planning and I’ll spend that instead. #YOLO etc.

5. Keep doing what I love. I really want to get to 30 and still be in a job I love and be spending my free time doing what I love too. It’s so easy to get into both personal and professional ruts and I’m lucky to be in neither – I never want to be that person who doesn’t feel excited for their work or goes home and just doesn’t ever do anything fun. I want feel make sure that at 30 I still feel fulfilled.

So, that’s my five year plan, what’s on yours? Let me know in the comments.

*This post was written in collaboration with Multilotto but all thoughts, opinions and five year plans are my own.

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