George’s Great British Kitchen – Leeds

George’s Great British Kitchen – Leeds
George's great british kitchen Leeds

I’ve been desperate to go to George’s Great British Kitchen in Leeds pretty much since it opened earlier this year as hello insta-friendly everything, so I was pretty over the moon when they invited me to come in and review. I headed there with my plus one pro, Mummy Legge, and set about trying to cure a hangover from hell with all the tasty food. You’d think by 25 I’d have learned that nothing good happens when you stay out till 4am smashing the gin and tonics, but y’know, it was a wedding do and it would have been rude to leave. Needless to say, the food we had at George’s was the absolute one. Unfortunately trying their cocktail menu would have been too risky for me (and my mum was driving) but I’m 100% up for going back to try the cocktails as they look absolutely incredible (any volunteers?).

George's great british kitchen Leeds beach hut

We arrived and the first thing that struck us was the decor which is right up my street. Think dark brown leather Chesterfield style sofas and beach hut booths – think country pub with a seaside twist. That’s pretty much how the menu shapes up too, with a lot of traditional English dishes like pies, burgers and grills, but also a really wide range of seafood. If you’re into fish, I’d definitely recommend coming here as there’s far more variation on the menu than your average restaurant, especially when the prices are so reasonable for a city-centre location.

George's great british kitchen Leeds diet coke

After we were seated in the Scarborough beach hut booth (loved this), we skipped starters and went straight in on mains, and I chose a steak and ale pie which came with chips and gravy, and mum had the chicken in a basket which came with chips and sweetcorn fritters. We were both seriously impressed by the food and I’d definitely say to go there hungry as the portions are really big. My pie was absolutely filled with steak that was really tender and delicious and the chips were like proper chip shop chips, minus the grease. Mum enjoyed her meal too which was served in a cute little basket, and she said the chicken was tasty and the chips were perfect.

George's great british kitchen Leeds steak pie

George's great british kitchen Leeds chicken in a basket

Saying no to dessert just wasn’t an option after seeing so many people posting photos of them all over Instagram! I went for doughnuts which came with chocolate and raspberry dipping sauces and a cloud of pink candy floss. George’s has definitely found their niche with the seaside theme as both the food and the drinks are so photogenic and it’s in a way that’s different to anywhere else in Leeds – which is difficult in a city filled with so much variety. Mum opted for the higgledy piggledy apple crumble pie which was a small apple pie topped with crumble, icecream and caramac. Does anyone else remember Caramac bars? I used to think they were the bars of chocolate from Willy Wonka’s factory when I was a kid!

George's great british kitchen Leeds doughnuts with candyfloss

George's great british kitchen Leeds apple crumble pie

Overall, A+, 10/10 would recommend going to George’s Great British Kitchen and I will definitely go back. I’m desperate to try their cocktail menu (on a day when I’m feeling a little less delicate!), the price point is very reasonable and the menu is a crowd-pleaser. Have you been to George’s before? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Mmm I haven't been yet but those dessert definitely look worth a trip over! x

  2. Ooooo this looks so good and yummy! And the decor is just speaking to :p
    The chicken and fritters look and sounds mmmmmm... :)