The Warner Brothers Studio Tour

Warner Brothers Studio Tour
Warner Brothers Studio Tour Platform 9 3/4

I think it’s safe to say that I’m a pretty big Harry Potter fan. I still remember being a child and my Aunty Jacki buying me Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and my mum reading it to me, a chapter a night. From then, I was absolutely hooked and I still remember being in year six when The Order of the Phoenix came out and I came in on Monday morning and being the only person who had finished it.

From the moment the Studio Tour in Watford opened, I had my heart set on going and exploring the sets of the films and taking that step into the magical world of Hogwarts which is still an escape for me as an adult. I first went to the tour just after Christmas in 2013, but since then, the tour has expanded massively with the Forbidden Forest, Dark Arts and Hogwarts Express being added, so as I already had plans to go to London to see The Cursed Child, I decided to make it a truly magical staycation and booked to go to the tour the following day.

Warner Brothers Studio Tour Hogwarts Express

Getting to the tour is incredibly easy from central London as there are fast trains direct from Euston to Watford Junction (my train took about 20 minutes), and then there are buses to the tour parked right outside the station, which cost £2.50 return to the studio tour. Sadly they’re not driven by Ernie, the conductor is not called Stan and you can’t pay more for a toothbrush in a colour of your choice, but the journey takes around 15 minutes. I arrived about an hour before my tour was due to start (yep, I’m THAT person), and after picking my tickets up, I had about a 15 minute wait in the queue to get in through security as all bags are searched on the way in. Once I was in, I checked my suitcase into the free cloakroom and picked up my digital guide.

Warner Brothers Studio Tour Privet Drive Living room

The tour starts in a holding room where there is an introduction to the tour and a short video about the success of the films, before moving into a second room filled with cinema seats, where there is another short video about how the studio as a working set during the time of filming the Harry Potter series. The tour truly begins when you go in through the double doors into the Great Hall.

Warner Brothers Studio Tour Great Hall

There’s so much on the tour to see but here are my favourite bits:

1. The digital guide. I visited the tour by myself, so I was decided to get the guide so I could tune in at different parts of the tour to hear even more about the sets. I really liked having this as I found I learned a lot more about the production of the films.

2. The Hogwarts Express. Again, this is a new addition since I last went to the tour and I loved being able to walk through the train and see the compartments set up with the journeys from each year – the heart that Lavender drew on the glass in The Half Blood Prince is even on the glass.

3. The Potions Classroom. This is an incredible set and it contains the costume of the late Alan Rickman. This is fairly emotive as I loved him as an actor, loved his portrayal of Severus Snape and it’s an emotive set and costume to see.

4. Diagon Alley. This is my favourite set as you can walk down the entire street and look into the shop windows and it feels like such an immersive experience.

5. The shop. There are plenty of opportunities to part with your cash around the tour, with exclusive shops at Platform 9 ¾ and at the Forbidden Forest, but the shop at the end is massive and full of merchandise. This time I only picked up a mug (expect to see a lot of this over on my Instagram), but you can get your hands on clothes, sweets, toys, accessories and pretty much everything inbetween. It is a little pricey, but no more expensive than you’d expect from any other attraction.

6. The staff. This definitely makes all the difference but the staff are not only incredible friendly and knowledgeable but you can tell that they’re really passionate about the job. Hearing ‘please don’t run in the forest, you might trip and get eaten by a spider’ made me smile.

Warner Brothers Studio Tour Hogwarts scale Model

If you’re a Potter fan, I would 100% recommend heading to the Warner Brothers Studio Tour and getting totally lost in the magical world of Hogwarts. 

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  1. IT all loos so amazing! I have been once before but it was SO long ago - I'm hoping to make another trip before Christmas now that the kids know the films a little better! (last time was where my then-six year old son unfortunately learned of Dobby's sad demise - at least there'll be no more unfortunate surprises this time round!)