Summer Round Up

Summer Round Up
York Museum Gardens

It feels like summer has come and gone in an absolute whirlwind as it’s been all change over the last couple of months – I don’t even know where the time has gone. I love reading posts which are highlights of what people have been up to or round ups of their week so I wanted to put together my own little life update.

New job
Erm hi there massive life change. I started my new job two months ago and that time has absolutely flown by! I definitely didn’t appreciate at the time exactly how much of difference it would be – in my head I would simply be walking into a new office – but with new people, new clients, new challenges, it’s a bigger deal than I first thought. Now I’m two months in, I’m definitely a lot more settled and I’m really enjoying it.

A lot of time on trains
I feel like my weekends have featured Transpennine Express one hell of a lot over the last few months as I’ve been all over the place visiting friends and going away for the weekend. This has included Liverpool, Manchester, Durham, Huddersfield and York – clearly I don’t do variation from that one trainline.

Blogger event central
It’s been a busy few months with events too, and I’ve clocked up a lot of restaurant reviews and bar launches as the sun has been shining – something which I’ve definitely been enjoying. It’s a great opportunity to not only catch up with blogger friends but often to be able to take non-blogger friends and family along with me, so it’s a treat for them to. I have to say, my mum makes an excellent plus one.

Weekends away
As mentioned previously, there’s been a lot of train time, but with that I’ve had a weekend in Liverpool and a weekend in Durham. Both have allowed me to spend proper quality time with my friends as well as do some UK exploring. It’s made me really want to just jump on a train and go away for a night or two more often – especially as I have a bucket list to get through.

Planning a lot in advance
I’m definitely at my best with things to look forward to, especially over winter, so I’m already excited for a lot of things which I have coming up. This includes heading to London, Edinburgh, catching up with a lot of friends, events, plus seeing Little Mix and John Richardson. I 100% believe that having something really exciting to look forward to at least every other month is the key to being happy in life.

So that’s it from me, what have you been up to over the last few months? Tell me in the comments.


  1. I love round up posts, reading and writing them.
    It's great to look back on and see what you've achieved over a month. And remember yourself, as some months can be pretty hectic!

    Looking forward to seeing you again this month!


  2. What a busy month you've had! Glad you are all settled in at work and its all going well! x