Sacking off the Summer and getting Autumn ready

I freaking love Autumn. It’s my favourite season and this year it seems to have hit right at the start of September, leaving me in a blissful state of burning candles and cosy nights in. Summer has never really been my bag (I’m a consistent hater of hot weather, I’m not just a basic Brit complaining when it’s hot!), and the transition into Autumn makes me feel fuzzy and comforted. Here’s what I love about Autumn.

Berry red lips. I’m a big supporter of the red lip (in fact nude lipsticks can burn in the pits of hell as far as I’m concerned), so the season of deeper colours has me embracing Rimmel 107 like it’s my first born child.

Seasonal candles. I bloody love a scented candle and I’ve got a Yankee Christmas Cocktail candle ready and waiting for the darker eves – that cranberry scent is everything that’s good in the world.

Watching storms from inside. I have a Juliette balcony in my flat so providing that the rain isn’t blowing directly into my flat and giving my sofa a shower, I can have my double doors open when there’s a massive downpour. Is there anything more satisfying than the sound of torrential rain when you’re sat inside with a brew, wrapped up in a blanket on the sofa? My favourite orange throw is from JD Williams and is perfect for this.

Any excuse to binge watch something. Whether it’s Pretty Little Liars (yes I’m late to the party, no, I don’t know who A is) or re-runs of Gladiators on a Sunday night, AKA the best TV show in history, there’s nothing better than staying indoors guilt-free.

Seasonal drinks. I’ll admit as a none coffee drinker, the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte doesn’t exactly push my buttons (also, why do so many people think it has pumpkin in it?! It’s the SPICE that you’d put on a pumpkin pie, not the actual vegetable mushed up and mixed with coffee!), but I’ll take a festive tea any day. Right now I have a fairly extensive collection of herbal teas, but if you know anything that tastes like liquid Autumn, hit me up.

New bedding. COME AT ME. Sleep is a big deal to me as firstly I’m a grumpy bitch when I don’t get enough of it, and secondly because I struggle with the winter blues pretty badly, so good sleep hygiene does me well. JD Williams were happy to help a gal out and send me some new bedding including this gorgeous checked set which is soft and snug, plus two throws to help me create a gorgeous Autumnal vibe in my room. It makes the world of difference to my well-being having a room that I feel super-relaxed and cosy in when it comes to sleep (which is why I struggle to sleep in unfamiliar places), and this has sorted me right out for the next couple of months.

On the topic of sleep, my sunrise/sunset clock which sends me to sleep in a simulated natural light patter also is a big help during Autumn. Combined with my new bedding, I think I’m really well prepared to wake up feeling refreshed on dark mornings.

Christmas books. Is it too early to chat Christmas? I love festive chick lit and tend to start reading it a good few months in advance so I can get some of my favourites in before Christmas itself. I love A Winter’s Flame by Milly Johnson and Something from Tiffany’s by Melissa Hill.

Knitwear. Well, duh. I’m in LOVE with my new mustard yellow knit which I picked up in the New Look sale AND I’ve already got this year’s Christmas jumper in the Joanie sale, so I’m well stocked up for when the temperature drops a little more.

Tackling the winter blues head on. The last two winters, I’ll openly admit have been a huge struggle for me, but coming into the colder months this year sees me in a whole new place in life so I’m definitely feeling both prepared and optimistic.

So tell me, are you embracing Autumn already? Do you love my new bedding as much as I do? Are you planning on inviting yourself round for a sleepover? Let me know in the comments.


  1. You make a very convincing argument, but I don't feel like I've had enough summer this year yet!

  2. ALL THESE THINGS YESSS. I'm so excited for autumn. Thick tights and dark lipsticks and Halloween, come at me.